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Chicago Cubs Will Win MLB Runs Scoring Survivor 2016 – Unless Miami Pulls Off A Miracle

MLB Reports


With MLB Runs Scoring Survivor 2016 just getting off the ground, the Cubs have set a record by completing all of their different runs variations from (0 – 10) in only 15 games.

That is 11 combinations of scores.  This is impressive for the young squad.

The Marlins have taken out 9 of their totals in 13 contests, and will need to score run marks of 8 and 9 runs respectively over the course of the next 2 days.

If Miami were able to accomplish this incredible task, they would claim victory in this category.  As a tiebreaker for clubs locked at the same amount of games, is the runs tallied in your final scenario completed.

Max Scherzer will take the hill against “The Fish” on Thursday, so I wouldn’t put money on the Marlins going much over 3 runs plated.

Even when we crown the winner we wont stop…

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WATCH: New York Yankees’ Outfielder, Aaron Hicks, Throws A Ball 105.5 MPH To Home Plate For The Out

In case you haven’t seen or felt the breeze from this throw, New York Yankees’ outfielder, Aaron Hicks, gunned a runner out at home plate tonight by throwing the ball 105.5 MPH. This is the fastest recorded throw by MLB Statcast in baseball history. The previous high was by Houston Astros’ outfielder, Carlos Gomez, at 103.1 MPH. Not only was the velocity of this throw impressive, but it was right on the money to tag Danny Valencia out at home to save a run. While this throw did save a run, it wasn’t enough as the New York Yankees lost to the Oakland A’s, 5-2.


To see the video of the throw, click the link below:



Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Draft Kings 4/21/16

P- Clayton Kershaw (vs. Atlanta Braves): $13,600. Kershaw comes at a steep price, but he is well worth it. There are tons of great pitching match-ups on Thursday, but Kershaw is the most sure bet. When looking at other big match-ups, they didn’t quite match-up to Kershaw’s potential performance. Dallas Keuchel has really struggled against the Rangers when playing in Arlington, Jake Arrieta has been crushed in his career when pitching at Cincinnati, and Max Scherzer has struggled at times against the Miami Marlins. While there seems to be at least one red flag in all of the match-ups I mentioned, Kershaw pitching against the Braves is a match-up made in heaven. In 88 at bats against Kershaw, the Braves lineup is hitting .148 with 34 strikeouts. In 3 starts this year, Kershaw has thrown 22 innings (averaging more than 7 innings per game) with a 1.64 ERA, 20 strikeouts, and only 2 walks. These numbers are absolutely elite for daily fantasy.

P- Ricky Nolasco (vs. Milwaukee Brewers): $6,600. Nolasco is a boom or bust option. He is either going to give up 6 runs in the first… or he is going to strikeout 10 over 7 innings. He is a hard guy to understand, but it is hard not to love him versus the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday. The Brewers have the 26th best offense in Major League Baseball and it doesn’t look like that will be improving anytime soon. The Brewers have struck out 128 times this year, which ranks as the fifth worst in Major League Baseball. After spending so much on Kershaw, it was necessary to take a price cut on the second pitcher, and Nolasco provides the most hope out of cheap options.


To see the rest of the picks for 4/21, click the link below:



The Carl Mays Interview: Ray Chapman’s Death

One of the most tragic events to ever take place on a baseball diamond was the 1920 death of Cleveland Indians shortstop Ray Chapman, who was hit in the head by a Carl Mays pitch in a game against the New York Yankees. Some thought that the right-hander never showed the kind of remorse or visceral reaction he should have in light of the circumstances, which helped create a reputation that follows him to this day (nearly 50 years after his death). However, he did go public shortly after fateful pitch to talk about what had happened and the aftermath that ensued.


Brewers Notes -Week Three

secondary logo.jpgIn last week’s Milwaukee Brewers post I touched on the new plate patience philosophy from manager Craig Counsell. So far, so good.  Going into Wednesday’s game with Minnesota, the Brew Crew had a team total of 54 walks, good for third in the National League behind Pittsburgh and Chicago.  As individuals, every regular position player has drawn at least one walk with second baseman Scooter Gennett leading the way with nine.  Also mentioned in the previous post is the new plate approach from “all or nothing” basher Chris Carter.  He’s drawn six walks so far and had an on base percentage of .340 prior to yesterday’s contest.  Right now the increased .OBP is an important stat for the team as these guys really aren’t hitting – the team batting average is just .215 while the collective .OBP is .304 – a whopping 94 points higher.


All-Undervalued Team: Who are the MLB’s Most Under-Appreciated Players?

The concept of being undervalued on the baseball field can mean different things to different people. The following players are, without a doubt, viewed as important – and most of them, crucial – pieces to the puzzle if their respective teams plan on contending in 2016.

But when it comes to public perception and the amount of media coverage popular players like Bryce HarperMike Trout and Clayton Kershaw get over others, there are some legitimately good ballplayers who don’t get nearly enough attention. So, I put together a starting lineup with a player from each position that I think deserves more love than they’re currently getting.


Strong Player Starts (and Not) From Around The League: American League Central

Upton, Justin tigers hitting.jpgWe hit on the hot (and not) starts from the NL Centralalready and we move on to the AL Central for our next installment of looking around the league

Chicago White Sox
Adam Eaton, OF – The offense is struggling quite a bit, with Eaton leading the team in hitting with a respectable .327 avg, however, also leading the team with a .787 OPS is a different story

Mat Latos, SP – Latos once very promising career, looks like it may be back on track in Chiacago, as he is 3-0, with a 0.49 ERA in 3 starts with 6 hits allowed, 5 walks, and 11 K’s, to go with a .097 avg against and 0.60 WHIP

Chris Sale, SP – Finally, a star player off to a good start!  Sale is 3-0, with a 2.35 ERA, has 23 K’s, a .181 avg against and 0.78 WHIP

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Early Standouts of the Season

‘BBA Live’ Podcast – Year 2 Ep #9 – MLB Wk 3 ’16: Harper Is Still The MVP – Mets Bats Wake Up + News ALL Over

Ricky Keeler and AC Wayne host the flagship podcast of the BBBA!

BBA Live is the flagship Podcast of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance since 2015.

Hosts Ricky Keeler

& AC Wayne

BBA Live! is in its second season. Listen in as AC Wayne is again joined by Ricky Keeler of Yanks Go Yard and District On Deck (Nats). Tonight, we talk about hot stats, the craziness of how good Bryce Harper is.  The Mets are clubbing around the Phillies. News all over the league.

Follow and subscribe to the podcast http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mets-public-record

A casual look at Major League Baseball and The New York Mets. Call-in! #347-326-9300

Balk This Ump!

Last night, during the San Diego Padres versus the Pittsburgh Pirates game, things got a little heated after a controversial call. With runners on second and third base, Padres’ pitcher, Colin Rea, began his windup. During his windup, Andrew McCutchen sprinted down the third base line to distract Rea, who sped up his windup towards home plate in fear that McCutchen was trying to steal home. The Pirates’ bench erupted as they demanded the umpires call a balk against Rea, which they did. McCutchen touched home plate to go up 2-0 in the third inning.

After the decision to call a balk, the umpires then decided to overturn the call and made the runners return to their previously occupied base. This decision was made after the umpires discussed that Rea was going from the full windup and there is no rule against speeding up your windup in order to release the ball faster, meaning there is no balk call. Pittsburgh’s manager, Clint Hurdle, then came out of the dugout and demanded they talk this situation over again. After a third time of talking, the umpires the reversed the reversal of the call and signaled for McCuthen to advance and score off of the balk. This decision was made after the umpires discussed the fact that Rea’s back foot jumped off the back of the rubber during his pitching motion, which constitutes a balk. It’s fair to say that the Padres’ manager, Andry Green, was not very happy with this decision. To see his reaction and the balk, click the link below:



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