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Baseball Bloggers Alliance Selects One As Hall Worthy

Every season, the BBA polls it’s membership to cast a ballot for the players eligible for Hall Of Fame induction.  Following the same rules as the official vote cast by the Baseball Writers Association, a player must receive votes on at least 75% of the ballots in order to be recommended for inclusion in the hallowed halls of Cooperstown.

Typically, the blogger’s alliance has been very similar to the official votes cast for awards and hall induction.  In one of the few moments of disagreement, the BBA voted last year to induct Barry Larkin and Jeff Bagwell.  Barry Larkin would be voted in by the official body, leaving Jeff Bagwell to return to the ballot again this year after a 56% showing last year.

The Bloggers Alliance opinion has not changed and the lone person to be selected on the BBA ballot this season is Jeff Bagwell.

The 1991 Rookie Of The Year, Bagwell spent his 15 year Major League career in Houston, primarily playing first base for the Astros during a time period that the team enjoyed some substantial success.  A part of the “Killer B’s”, Bagwell would hit 449 home runs and collect 2,314 hits while driving in 1,529 runs during his career.  He would put a Most Valuable Player Award on his shelf in 1994, be selected for four All Star rosters and pick up three Silver Slugger and one Gold Glove award.

Per the requirements of the official vote, a player would need to appear on at least 75% of the ballots cast in order to be elected to the Hall Of Fame.  While a few players were able to come close this season, Bagwell was the only player to reach the required amount.  The full list of players that received votes follows:

Jeff Bagwell 76%

Craig Biggo 69%
Mike Piazza 69%
Barry Bonds 62%
Tim Raines 62%
Roger Clemens 56%
Edgar Martinez 41%
Alan Trammell 40%
Mark McGwire 35%
Curt Schilling 34%
Dale Murphy 32%
Larry Walker 32%
Jack Morris 32%
Lee Smith 25%
Kenny Lofton 21%
Sammy Sosa 21%
Don Mattingly 18%
Fred McGriff 15%
Rafael Palmerio 15%
Bernie Williams 4%
David Wells 4%
Sandy Alomar 3%
Julio Franco 1%

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s vote has no impact on the official vote taken by the Baseball Writers of America.  However, the BBA has often been a predictor of major awards granted by the writers.

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