My Baseball Memories: The Birth of a Ballhawk

The feeling of watching a baseball game at the ballpark is something like no other. When at home, watching on television there is a certain separation between you and the players, the team and the game itself. But in the ballpark, all of that changes. Just a few feet from you they are playing catch, stretching and warming up. Then they play the game. You might be right there, close enough to smell the pine tar and touch the dirt but there is still a boundary between the fan and the player. There is only one thing that crosses that barrier.

The baseball.

The experience of a player throwing you a ball or hitting one to you is a feeling like no other, as you now have a souvenir forever and even to pass on to your kids as time goes on. The boundary is broken for a split second, but that split second for the player, is an eternity for the fan as forever you have that connection with the player, a story to tell, a cool item to show and display.


I am now what you would call a Ballhawk: a person who chase this feeling every single game, and multiple times a game by catching as many baseballs at major, and minor league games as they can. The stories one can have are endless. The connections branching out real far, even to the point of making friends with players. I feel it is almost a sharing of happiness, they throw you a ball and make you smile, and you tell them something witty or give them some encouragement to make them smile and I love that feeling, and many others do too. I have lots of these little connections now, and every one I cherish and no two are alike.

Every ball I have has a story. At first, I didn’t try recording the story somewhere to remember it but eventually I realized it would be a good idea to keep track of which ball is which and the player that gave me that ball, and I do that at a nifty site called But there are other ways too.




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