BBA Leadership

Roughly a year after the formation of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, membership had reached a point where it was necessary to create individual chapters within the group. Each member of the BBA was placed within the chapter that best represented the general focus of the blog. Volunteers within each chapter have stepped into leadership roles to help facilitate communication, assist with the various voting periods we conduct, and to help recognize the work of those members within.

The names and sites for each of our current Chapter Presidents, as well as brief bios, may be found by selecting any of links under this menu.

In addition to creating the Chapter President positions, expansions to the overall BBA Leadership were later proposed and subsequently two additional positions were created in an effort to help facilitate communication, promote the members within the BBA, and assist Daniel in running the group as a whole. At the behest of numerous members, we felt it would be appropriate to recognize those individuals here as well.

BBA President, Bill Ivie

Bill Ivie is a New Media Journalist that runs his own sites, I-70 Baseball and Full Spectrum Baseball, as well as being highly involved with podcasts, websites, twitter, facebook, and any other new media out reach he can get his hands on.  In July of 2012, he took over the reigns of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance from his mentor, friend, and founder of the group, Daniel Shoptaw.

Personally, Bill is the father of five amazing children and partnered in life with Angela.  He serves as a Software Engineer for a major company in Shawnee, Kansas and spends his free time following all things baseball.

While somethings will change and others will stay the same, Bill intends to lead the group into a much more visible and vocal place on the internet.  Stay tuned…

BBA Founder & President Emeritus, Daniel Shoptaw

Daniel Shoptaw is way too obsessed with this baseball thing. Besides his own blog, C70 At The Bat, he also is the founder of the United Cardinal Bloggers as well as the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. He can be heard on Gateway To Baseball Heaven and the UCB Radio Hour with regularity. He also has his own podcast, Conversations With C70, where he talks to bloggers and others about the game. His wardrobe is 85% Cardinal red. When he’s not wearing one of these many hats, he’s a CPA in Arkansas with a wonderfully patient wife and a son and a daughter that both already boo the Cubs.


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