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Musings On Yesterday’s Game In Cuba

Even though my mind wasn’t really in baseball mode after the crap that happened in Brussels yesterday (Brussels is across the border about an hour from where I live, so it is getting very close), I still wanted to see the historic game between the Cuban national team and the Tampa Bay Rays. 

Overall the game itself wasn’t that exciting as the Rays were too strong without really flexing their muscles. The result also shows that Cuban baseball has deteriorated in the past two decades. Not only because of all the defectors but also because the highest league in Cuba is simply too big for the number of talented players. Back in the nineties, when Cuba played the Orioles, the team managed to win one game.

Musings on yesterday’s game in Cuba

All 30 MLB Parks in 25 Days All By Ground


Chuck Booth (BBBA President/Owner 

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For the last several years my buddy Josh Robbins and I have come up with ways to beat our individual world records for ballpark chasing.

My record is all 30 MLB Parks (every pitch) in just 23 Calendar Days.  I accomplished this feat in 2012.  You can read about that trip here.  After scouring the MLB Schedule for 2016, there is not even an attempt to try for the record this season.

Unless it changes, it will be another campaign I will sip (Gas Monkey Cinnamon Tequilla) as the world record holder for another year.


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