Chapter Presidents – American League

Chapter Presidents – American League

We’ll leadoff with the Junior Circuit.  Below you’ll find each of the Chapter Presidents from our American League Chapters.

Baltimore Chapter – currently open

Boston Chapter – Christine, Boston Red Thoughts

A Red Sox fan since the early 80’s, Christine started her blog, Boston Red Thoughts, in May 2005, and has logged over 1100 posts in that span.   A life-long resident of Northeastern Pennsylvania, she writes from the unique perspective of being a Red-headed Boston Fan in Yankeeland…

Boston Red Thoughts has been nominated for Best Sports Blog, Blogger Choice Awards, and, most recently, was nominated as one of the Top 20 sports Blogs of 2011 by Shape Magazine.

In addition, Christine has a BA in Theatre from Marywood University, and has done just about every theatrical job there is, including Theatre Administration, Technical Direction, Set and Lighting Design, even occasionally appearing onstage.  Most notably, however, is the Directing of nearly 40 shows in her theatrical career.   By day, she works as a Lead Sales Support Specialist for a shelving and storage manufacturer.

Christine has been a member of the BBA since its inception in 2009, and the Boston Chapters’ President since 2010.  She can be found at, on Facebook, and on Twitter as bostonredthots.

Chicago (AL) Chapter – currently open

Cleveland Chapter – Nino, The Tribe Daily

Nino Colla is the Cleveland Chapter president of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and is one of the first members of his chapter. He has operated his blog, The Tribe Daily, since March of 2008 and has been a contributing writer for The Cleveland Fan since July of 2010. Nino attends The University of Akron full-time and will graduate in May of 2012 with a double major in communications. He plans on pursuing his Masters Degree in Higher Education upon graduation at Akron and continue to run his blog until the Indians win the World Series, when his head will likely explode from disbelief and joy.

Detroit Chapter – currently open

Kansas City – currently open

Los Angeles (AL) Chapter – James, True Grich

Minnesota Chapter – currently open

New York (AL) Chapter – Rob, Bronx Baseball Daily

Oakland Chapter – currently open

Seattle Chapter – Tim, Rays Colored Glasses

Tampa Bay Chapter – Devon, Seattle Mariners Musings

Texas Chapter – Micah, Baseball is my Boyfriend

Micah Chaplin, an Iowa native and resident, has turned her love affair with the Texas Rangers into a blog called, “Baseball is My Boyfriend.” She became a fan after a brief residence in Texas, where she worked in two daily newspapers in the DFW area. Now back in her home state of Iowa, she continues to keep up with her favorite boys of summer, watching nearly every game on TV, live tweeting games with fellow Rangers fans and attending the occasional road game (in attempt to fulfill her goal of visiting every MLB ballpark). She began writing “Baseball is My Boyfriend” in 2007, and she joined the My Team Rivals blog network in 2008 and the Baseball Bloggers Alliance in 2009.

Toronto Chapter – Ian, The Blue Jay Hunter

The earliest memory Ian has of going to a Blue Jays game was October 3rd, 1992. At the time, he didn’t realize the significance of the game, but it was the day that the Toronto Blue Jays clinched the pennant. To make the game even more memorable, his childhood hero Joe Carter hit his 34th homerun of the season that day.

Admittedly, Ian had a brief hiatus from Blue Jays fandom after the 1994 baseball strike up until around 2005. Unfortunately, Ian missed the Carlos Delgado golden years, but luckily rekindled his love for the Blue jays at the tail end of the Roy Halladay era.

Fast forward to today, and Ian is older (not necessarily wiser), but he still has that same passion for watching the Toronto Blue Jays.

Give him cold beer, a pulled pork sandwich, some pretzels, and the Blue Jays game on the big screen, and nobody gets hurt.

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