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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Fanduel, DraftKings, and Fanpicks 9/1/16


DraftKings Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (9/1/16): MLB DFS Advice

Fanduel Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (9/1/16): MLB DFS Advice

Fanpicks Daily Fantasy Baseball Lineup Picks (9/1/16): MLB DFS Advice

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I know it’s been a week since I posted last. I was busy getting married. Sorry about it! I’m back now!

Daily Matchups for 9/1/2016


Jacob deGrom

Mike Montgomery

Jose Quintana

Jarred Cosart

Ervin Santana



These 6 MLB Hitters are Enjoying Huge Years at the Best Possible Time

Between the regular season and the playoffs, there’s still about two months of baseball left to enjoy, but winter is approaching faster than we realize. It stinks to think about life without baseball (even for a relatively short period of time), but that also means the Hot Stove is coming to keep us occupied.

As we’ve been talking about for quite a while, this winter’s free agent class is less inspiring than others in recent memory. That doesn’t mean there still won’t be a bunch of players signing life-changing contracts along the way, though. Some impending free agents have hurt their stock this year, but the following six hitters have elevated theirs as much as possible over the past five months, especially with less competition than normal from others who will soon need a new home for 2017.


Who Is Ready For A September Run

By Josh:

Well we have officially made it to the point in the season where a majority of the teams in baseball now realize and can admit that they suck and won’t be playing in the playoffs this year. However, there are still a few pesky teams that still have a crazy notion that there is hope and even a chance that they can make the playoffs. So here are my thoughts on a few teams that can make runs in September to both either keep their spot in the playoffs or take someone elses spot away.

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NL Rookie of the Year UPDATE

MLB Foul Ball Week in Review (August 22-28): Ballboys, Netting Issues and Freddie Freeman’s Fall

Major League Baseball ended the week of August 22-28, 2016 with over nearly 144 Foul Ball Facials (#FoulBallFacials) in 141 games. These are only those fans hit in the head area at Major League Baseball games as self-reported on Twitter. That equates to one fan per day of play. It seems like a lot, and it is, but it could be fewer since nearly 50% of these tweets indicate the fan wasn’t paying attention.

But that’s not the only thing going on with foul balls this week. Here’s the rundown of the best and worst foul ball and fan-related actions from the past week:


Ballboys and ballgirls have been a staple of foul ball plays for seasons. Some have lightning quick reflexes. Some may be surprised to learn that ballgirls have faster gloves than ballboys. Here’s a perfect example of how ballboys aren’t always the best at doing their job. This young man botched what should have been a reasonably routine play.

The Tampa Bay Rays bullpen decided to take over his job since he wasn’t able to perform his protective duties.

On the other hand, and to be fair, not all ballboys miss routine foul balls. This ballboy for the Toronto Blue Jays had no issues with being calm and making a good, solid snag.


READ the rest at

Ed Comber (VP Of The BBBA/Owner –  

AL Rookie of the Year UPDATE

Milwaukee Brewers Week in Review: August 22-28

The week in review:  It was a tale of two home series this past week for the Milwaukee Brewers.  They started out a ten game home stand with wins over the Colorado Rockies by scores of 4-2, 6-4, and 7-1.  The Pittsburgh Pirates came to town over the weekend and swept the Crew in a four game series.  Going into Monday’s action the Brewers are 56-74, a half-game ahead of Cincinnati in the battle for fourth or last place in the NL Central.



Is Something Wrong With Baseball?

By Josh:

Saturday night I went to a minor league baseball game. It was a great night for baseball as the weather was great, the two teams were full of young talented professionals and there was even special guest Don Larsen (threw the only perfect game in World Series history) at the game. Yet the stadium felt empty.

This got me thinking about the same discussion that keeps coming up as to whether or not something is wrong with baseball and what needs to be done to fix it.  Sports writers question if the game is too long, if the season is too long, whether or not there is enough ‘star’ power, and a wide variety of other issues believed to be plaguing baseball.

Read the rest of Is Something Wrong With Baseball via 9 Inning Know It All

Returning Home To Memories

DSC_0016By Josh:

Last night I got the chance to return to Salem, OR, where I lived for almost 8 years and is where the 9 Inning Know It All Empire began.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I made the two hour drive to watch a Salem-Keizer Volcanoes game, but as soon as I pulled in it felt like I hadn’t missed a day.

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Joey Votto, Jose Altuve Aren’t the Only MLB Hitters Enjoying a Huge Second Half

The MLB regular-season schedule is a grind, and there’s a reason why they call it the “dog days of August.” For some reason, Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto and Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve aren’t paying much attention to that as they each chase history with torrid runs through the second half.

Basically, no opposing pitcher is safe, as they’re each looking to become the first hitters to hit over .400 after the All-Star game since some guy named Ichiro Suzuki did it in 2004.

While they’re grabbing all the headlines, they’re not the only ones tearing the cover off baseballs since the league’s brightest stars met up in San Diego. In fact, Votto and Altuve are just two of seven hitters with at least 30 second-half games played and a batting average higher than .350. Here’s a look at the list with some stats for perspective:


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