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Hot Stove Week in Review Dec 26- Jan 1

9-inning-know-it-allI hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s. We just had a very slow week to the Hot Stove season. Things will really need to pick up in the next two weeks as we are only 43 days until Pitchers and Catchers start to report. Lots of free agent sluggers are still left without teams and I’m willing to bet a few teams are still looking into the trade market.

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Hot Stove Week in Review Nov 14-20

Afraid you missed something that happened in the MLB Hot Stove last week? Don’t worry we have you covered at 9 Inning Know It All. Check out all the news about awards, the AFL, trades, signings and even a few rumors.

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Veterans Day

By Josh:

Veterans Day is a day that deserves more recognition then it really gets. The men and women of this country who have been a part of our nations military and have defended our freedoms deserve far more honoring then they get, but the amazing thing about them is that they don’t seek to be honored. They serve because they see a need and desire to protect our freedoms and rights for generations to come.

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Hot Stove Free Agent Predictions Part 1

By: Kelly

The Hot Stove season is upon us once again. This year’s free agent class is very weak compared to the last couple years, especially starting pitchers. Lots of offense is available and some top notch closers will make some record money but if your team is looking for starting pitchers they will have to look to the trade market, which I believe will be very active this offseason.

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Hot Stove Week in Review Nov 2-6

mlbEvery week throughout the off season 9 Inning Know It All will give you a quick week in review of what all went down in the Major League Baseball Hot Stove.  Whether it is staff hiring/firings, trades, signings and everything else.

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It Took a Lifetime

By: Daniel Foote

On October 14, 1908, the Chicago Cubs clinched their second consecutive World Series title.  A mere 229 days later, George William Penley was born and so was a love affair with the Chicago Cubs.  You see, Mr. Penley was my grandfather (we called him “Poppa”, so you’ll forgive me for referring to him as such), and he loved the Cubs. In Poppa’s lifetime, the Cubs went to the World Series seven times (1910, 1918, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1938 and 1945).  All of them by the time he was 36 ½ years old. From 1945 to 1984, when he passed away, Poppa continued to love his Cubs.  He loved them so much, that he passed that love affair to me.

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World Series Predictions by Mike

world-seriesBy: Mike Carter

In the last few days, we have seen some amazing things happen in the baseball world. The World Series is upon us, with the upstart Cleveland Indians pitted against the spring favorite, the Chicago Cubs.

The coming week is what we long for when baseball season starts every year, when hope is eternal for all of our teams, and we hope for one good season from that aging veteran hurler, or a surprise year from an unexpected source. Both teams feature superstar players; both teams feature aging veterans looking for one more crack at glory; both teams ride hot streaks into the biggest series of their lives. The excitement is palpable and millions of fans are on edge. Which team will break their significant winless streaks? The Cubs have not been to the World Series since 1945; the Indians were last in the Fall Classic in 1997. The Cubs have not won it since 1908; the Indians last won in 1948. Someone is about to break a long streak of futility. Who will it be?

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World Series Thoughts

world-seriesBy Josh:

The clash of teams that haven’t won a World Series title in not only my lifetime but my father’s lifetime, is set to begin on Tuesday in Cleveland. A battle of Midwest team vs Midwest team will excite all of the East coast bias media outlets (don’t even try to deny it ESPN) and West coast ‘what about us’ whiners (yes I know they’re real because I live on the West coast and might be one).

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Clayton Kershaw’s Legacy

dodgers-ace-clayton-kershaw_1pnu3ofcpdyza1fd82hsx1pwb3By Josh:

Today’s start for Clayton Kershaw against the Chicago Cubs isn’t going to make or break his career. Whether he wins or not, he is still going to be seen as an extremely talented and dominate pitcher. With that being said he needs to pitch a good game and show that he can step it up when the stakes are highest.

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NLDS/ALDS Predictions

With the two Wild Card games done we keep the postseason moving with the Division Series. Dodgers vs Nationals, Cubs vs Giants, Rangers vs Blue Jays and Red Sox vs Indians.

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