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WATCH: Noah “Thor” Syndergaard Gets Ejected After Throwing Behind Chase Utley

Well, the Mets finally sent their message of revenge to Chase Utley and it ended in the ejection of Noah Syndergaard. In 2015, Chase Utley attempted a late and dirty slide into second base that resulted in the New York Mets’ second baseman, Ruben Tejada, breaking his leg.

Noah Syndergaard decided to start the third inning by throwing behind Utley. The home plate umpire immediately ejected Syndergaard and Mets’ manager, Terry Collins, lost his mind. To see the video of Syndergaard throwing behind Utley, see the link below:



MUST WATCH: Vin Scully Recites “Field of Dreams” Speech And Depicts Baseball’s Amazing History

This video is quite possibly the best depiction of how special the game of baseball has been throughout history. Vin Scully recites the “Field of Dreams” speech, while some of baseball’s greatest memories are shown the background. My words can’t do this video justice, so please enjoy this video in the link below. Warning You may get goosebumps.



Rougned Odor And Jose Bautista Suspended After Brawl

To no surprise, Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista were suspended following their brawl on Sunday. In case you haven’t seen or heard about this controversy, Jose Bautista slid late into second base, and Rougned Odor threw a devastating right-hook that landed on Bautista’s jaw as a result (see link below). These actions led to an eight-game suspension for Odor and a one-game suspension for Bautista. Along with those two, 12 more players and staff members were suspended.


To view the rest of the article, click the link below:



Tampa Bay Rays’ Outfielder, Steven Souza, Makes One Of The Best Catches You Will See All Year

On Wednesday night, Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder, Steven Souza, made what could be one of the best catches you will see this year. In the 4th inning, Baltimore Orioles’ first baseman, Chris Davis, hit a shot to right field, but Souza wasn’t going to let this ball go for extra bases. He laid out and made an absolutely spectacular catch. Souza was acquired by the Rays in 2014, but he struggled to prove himself in 2015. Luckily for the Rays, Souza has really improved since the start of the 2016 season. He is currently hitting .295 with 5 home runs, 11 RBIs, 10 runs, and a .359 OBP. Not only is his bat impressive, but as you can tell by the video, his glove is pretty impressive as well. Click the link below to see the video:



Cleveland Indians’ Pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, Badly Injured While Covering First Base

Cleveland Indians’ pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, was helped off the field today after suffered what looked like a pretty severe hamstring injury. He was covering first base on a ground ball hit to the first baseman, and his left leg gave out as he reached for the bag. The severity of the injury is not known, but this could be a huge loss for the Indians’ rotation. Based on the video (which you can see at this link:, it looks as if he could have suffered a pretty bad hamstring strain. According to, hamstring strain recovery times tend to vary depending on what grade strain it is. Assuming it is a hamstring strain, he could miss, “3 weeks for a grade 1, anything from between 2 and 8 weeks for a grade 2 hamstring strain and you are looking at pretty much 12 weeks for a grade 3.”


To read the rest of the article, click the link below:



WATCH: Two Elite Throws, But Whose Was Better, Aaron Hicks or Yasiel Puig?

Outfielders were showing off their cannons during this past week in Major League Baseball. Aaron Hicks recorded the fastest throw in StatCast history at 105 MPH and Yasiel Puig barehanded a ball and skipped the cut off man to throw out Trevor Story at third base. Both of these throws were elite, but now it is your turn to decide which one was the best. Click the link below to see the videos and please vote!



WATCH: Chicago Cubs’ Fan Rushes The Field To Celebrate Jake Arrieta’s No-Hitter… New Curse?

As many of you already know, Jake Arrieta threw his second career no-hitter last night. It is always bittersweet when a pitcher throws a gem on the road, since the home fans aren’t there to celebrate with their team. Well, think again. One Chicago Cubs’ fan decided to rush the field and join the celebration on Thursday night. This fan joined the Cubs’ circle, around Arrieta, as they jumped up and down in excitement. The fan then made his way to the middle of the circle where he tried to grab Arrieta’s hat. It wasn’t long before part of the stadium’s security escorted him off the field.

Throughout the years, the Chicago Cubs have struggled with curses…. the goat, Steve Bartman, could this turn into another curse? If Arrieta somehow gets hurt or starts to pitch terrible, I would be a little worried Cubs fans, because this could be the curse of the no-hitter fan celebration. I’m not sure the Cubs organization can handle another curse, so lets hope the Cubs continue to dominate in 2016. They currently have the best record in Major League Baseball and should have a great chance to make a run at their first World Series title since 1908.


To see the video, click the link below:



WATCH: Pittsburgh Pirates’ Pitcher, Jeff Locke, Throws A Pitch Into The Umpires’ Front Shirt Pocket

In the last few days, there has been some pretty bizarre plays in Major League Baseball, but this one might top them all. Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher, Jeff Locke, bounced a pitch in front of home plate, and it some how ended up in the home plate umpires’ shirt pocket. This is the first time I’ve ever witnessed this, as I’m sure it is for many of the readers. This play resulted in the runner on first base advancing to second base, which is unfortunate for the Pirates, but I don’t think they will ever get this unlucky again. The chances of this happening again are slim-to-none.


To see the video, click the link below:



Balk This Ump!

Last night, during the San Diego Padres versus the Pittsburgh Pirates game, things got a little heated after a controversial call. With runners on second and third base, Padres’ pitcher, Colin Rea, began his windup. During his windup, Andrew McCutchen sprinted down the third base line to distract Rea, who sped up his windup towards home plate in fear that McCutchen was trying to steal home. The Pirates’ bench erupted as they demanded the umpires call a balk against Rea, which they did. McCutchen touched home plate to go up 2-0 in the third inning.

After the decision to call a balk, the umpires then decided to overturn the call and made the runners return to their previously occupied base. This decision was made after the umpires discussed that Rea was going from the full windup and there is no rule against speeding up your windup in order to release the ball faster, meaning there is no balk call. Pittsburgh’s manager, Clint Hurdle, then came out of the dugout and demanded they talk this situation over again. After a third time of talking, the umpires the reversed the reversal of the call and signaled for McCuthen to advance and score off of the balk. This decision was made after the umpires discussed the fact that Rea’s back foot jumped off the back of the rubber during his pitching motion, which constitutes a balk. It’s fair to say that the Padres’ manager, Andry Green, was not very happy with this decision. To see his reaction and the balk, click the link below:



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