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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Draft Kings 4/21/16

P- Clayton Kershaw (vs. Atlanta Braves): $13,600. Kershaw comes at a steep price, but he is well worth it. There are tons of great pitching match-ups on Thursday, but Kershaw is the most sure bet. When looking at other big match-ups, they didn’t quite match-up to Kershaw’s potential performance. Dallas Keuchel has really struggled against the Rangers when playing in Arlington, Jake Arrieta has been crushed in his career when pitching at Cincinnati, and Max Scherzer has struggled at times against the Miami Marlins. While there seems to be at least one red flag in all of the match-ups I mentioned, Kershaw pitching against the Braves is a match-up made in heaven. In 88 at bats against Kershaw, the Braves lineup is hitting .148 with 34 strikeouts. In 3 starts this year, Kershaw has thrown 22 innings (averaging more than 7 innings per game) with a 1.64 ERA, 20 strikeouts, and only 2 walks. These numbers are absolutely elite for daily fantasy.

P- Ricky Nolasco (vs. Milwaukee Brewers): $6,600. Nolasco is a boom or bust option. He is either going to give up 6 runs in the first… or he is going to strikeout 10 over 7 innings. He is a hard guy to understand, but it is hard not to love him versus the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday. The Brewers have the 26th best offense in Major League Baseball and it doesn’t look like that will be improving anytime soon. The Brewers have struck out 128 times this year, which ranks as the fifth worst in Major League Baseball. After spending so much on Kershaw, it was necessary to take a price cut on the second pitcher, and Nolasco provides the most hope out of cheap options.


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