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2016 Dodgers vs Giants


Dodgers versus Giants. Long-standing, time-honored rivalry of blood. Which team holds the edge on the field in 2016? Who is the better player at each position? Time is running short before the season kicks off, so let’s break it down.


The Ace:

MadBum or Kershaw? Of course, Madison Bumgarner has three World Series rings and that is impressive. However, despite those three rings, MadBum has zero Cy Young awards to Clayton Kershaw’s three. More importantly, last year Kershaw’s numbers were better, proving the theory that his arm is far fresher; MadBum has pitched 352 more innings over their respective careers, and history has shown time and again that there is a finite number of pitches in a major league arm. 

Advantage: Dodgers (1 point).


Rest of Starting Rotation:

Numbers 2 – 5 are actually close for the two teams. Johnny Cueto and Scott Kasmir have had their ups and downs; if Cueto is back to the dominating pitcher of old (not his 2015 second-half self), he tops Kasmir. Dodger Japanese import Kenta Maeda looks to be making an excellent transition and figures to be better than Jeff Samardzija, who is coming off a terrible season (why did the Giants pay this guy so much money?). Jake Peavy and Alex Wood seem to cancel each other out with the 34-year-old Peavy on his way out and primed to get hurt again, and the young Wood still trying to find himself…


Loss of Pollock won’t end DBacks’ chances

Now, the fact that I have a second favorite team may surprise many of you. Sometimes when I really think about it – it’s surprising to me as well. That team would be the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Over the years, I’ve had known players traded there, been friends with some and am still friends with others. I’ve watched the team prosper but mostly flounder and this was looking like a year where they could beat the San Francisco Giants and even the Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be beatable in 2016.

The DBacks beat out two of their division rivals to get the great  Zack Greinke. They’ve got one of the classiest, not to mention best players in the league in first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. And until yesterday they had an up and coming star center fielder, an All-Star last year, in A.J. Pollock.

Now Pollock is out for an unknown amount of time with a broken elbow that will require surgery. That’s a big loss to the Diamondbacks, but it shouldn’t kill their postseason chances ….

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These 2 MLB Teams Could Surprise Everyone in 2016

Major League Baseball has technically been back for nearly two months now, but the fun is finally about to start.

As teams wrap up their respective Grapefruit and Cactus League schedules, we’re literally on the precipice of Opening Day. With the final week of Spring Training games taking place, many baseball analysts made their yearly predictions on who they think will make the playoffs and eventually capture World Series glory.

We all know these predictions really mean nothing, but it’s an entertaining way to spark debate as everyone waits anxiously for games to start counting again. After listening and reading countless predictions, there seems to be something missing.

In 2015, we witnessed a handful of teams that came out of nowhere to qualify for the postseason. The process of rebuilding ended a year earlier than expected for teams like the Houston Astros, New York Mets and Chicago Cubs, while nobody picked the Texas Rangers to win the American League West. If you did and don’t claim to be a Rangers fan, you’re probably lying.

Keeping with this theme, here are two teams currently flying under the radar who have the potential to surprise everyone by the time September rolls around.


2016’s 30 MLB Park Home Openers With Local Start Times

Best Source of Information for all 30 MLB Ballparks - and network of stadium afficionado's

Chuck Booth (BBBA President) 

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I have been fortunate enough to see home openers in 8 different parks already in the last 4 years.

We have updated the previous article on this because all of the home start times have been posted.

We have also provided 30 links to all of the best chaser guides for the stadiums.  This will aid you in making your travel plans for the 2016 season.

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Minor League history: Copper Country Soo League


The Copper Country Soo League was a minor league that was situated in the area of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an area that is better known for its hockey history than for its baseball history. The league contained teams from mining towns along the Soo Line Railroad. Read the rest of this entry

Interleague 2016 Master Schedule

AL vs NL

Chuck Booth (BBBA President) 

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MLB Scheduling 2016

Day + Date     Away and Home, Times Start In EST

 These are just game times, for full results click here


WEEK 1 (Includes Season Opener Sunday Apr.3, 2016)

Sunday, Apr 3 (1 Game)

Mets @ Royals 8:37

Monday, Apr 4 (1 Game)

Cubs @ Angels 10:05 (Angel Stadium Season Opener)

Tuesday  Apr 5  (3 Games)

Mets @ Royals 4:15

Tigers @ Marlins 7:10 (Marlins Park Season Opener)

Cubs @ Angels 10:05
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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 2, 2016

MLB Reports

cousins10178058_10151960140126610_4322908235570238504_nI speak about the love I have for my cousins on this episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

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