Chicago Cubs Will Win MLB Runs Scoring Survivor 2016 – Unless Miami Pulls Off A Miracle

MLB Reports


With MLB Runs Scoring Survivor 2016 just getting off the ground, the Cubs have set a record by completing all of their different runs variations from (0 – 10) in only 15 games.

That is 11 combinations of scores.  This is impressive for the young squad.

The Marlins have taken out 9 of their totals in 13 contests, and will need to score run marks of 8 and 9 runs respectively over the course of the next 2 days.

If Miami were able to accomplish this incredible task, they would claim victory in this category.  As a tiebreaker for clubs locked at the same amount of games, is the runs tallied in your final scenario completed.

Max Scherzer will take the hill against “The Fish” on Thursday, so I wouldn’t put money on the Marlins going much over 3 runs plated.

Even when we crown the winner we wont stop…

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