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Kevin Pillar Interview From the Vault

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar is one of the most exciting young players in baseball. In addition to a potent bat, he can go and get it in the outfield as well as anyone in the game. Several years ago, when he was still making his way through the minors, I had a chance to ask him some questions about his career. The following piece originally appeared on MLBDirt.com.
The Toronto Blue Jays traded a significant amount of their minor league talent to the Miami Marlins this past offseason in a huge trade that netted Jose ReyesMark Buehrle and Josh Johnson among others. Despite the deal, their cupboard is far from bare. Outfielder Kevin Pillar is one of the organization’s best young players and may also be the most underrated hitting prospect in all of baseball.


Baseball’s Next Elite Second Baseman

BBBA Audio/Video Casters Week In Review:

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is not only a membership for writers, we also supports podcaster/videocaster/ or vloggers.

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance is not only a membership for writers, we also support podcasters/videocasters and vloggers.  We have many talented people who are doing an awesome job covering the game of Major League Baseball.  If you know a show that is good and think they should be on this page, check out our contact information and send us a note.

Chuck Booth (BBBA President) 

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We have an outstanding amount of baseball fans that are doing audio and video presentations for the game of baseball that are not even being paid for it.

I would put the content of these shows up against a lot of the paid professionals of the MLB – or any other entity that possesses the wherewithal to be able to do that.

If you want to keep scrolling down, all of the information listed below is all of the shows for the week from all, or maybe you have a favorite, then you can just click on one of the highlighted shows. 

In this opening week we had Sully Baseball talk a lot about the Pirates, D’Backs, Cubs and the Cardinals in opening week.  He keyed on where Tim Lincecum may end up, and the opening start for Zack Greinke.  Like everyone else, he also submitted his yearly predictions.

Sully also delivered an emotional podcast where he implores everyone to love their extended family more on April 2, 2016 – because you don’t know when you may lose some one.

BBBA Audio/Video Shows

Sully Baseball April Podcasts

The “BBA” Live  guys talked about the opening week, and a lot about what the NL East will look like this year.

The Hall Of Very Good Interviewed Kato Kaelin.

The Jays from the Couch guys continued to kill it on their coverage of Canada’s only team.

The Pirates Breakdown was happy to see their club begin 3 – 0 after sweeping the Cards after giving their predictions.

Seamheads (Gateway To Heaven) wondered if anyone was going to make it through the week for St. Louis in light of the Tommy Pham injury.

MLB This Week went through their season picks – and also talked about some of the technology of the game as a fan.

Past here is how to subscribe and listen to these shows. 

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FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports Selections For MLB Action – Apr 8, 2016


Josh Robbins (Featured Fantasy  BBBA Writer/60ft6in.com) 

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Hi, my name is Josh Robbins.  I would like to share my Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) strategy with you throughout the MLB season.  Fanduel is my preferred game of skill.

Welcome to the first full weekend of the 2016 MLB season.

3-Strikes: Here’s what you expect from my daily articles:

My Top 3 Starting Pitchers (aces, mid-level, bargain)

My Top 3 Stacking Options (multiple players from the same team)

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Odds To Win The MLB Divisions In 2016: Best Value Bets

It seems about once every 3 years Ubaldo Jimenez puts together a Cy Young caliber type of year. If he can find all the stars aligned in the right direction he could throw like a suitable #1 pitcher in the league. The problem with the rotation is that Jimenez and Tillman are up and down - while Gausman and Bundy are unproven at the big league. At least the potential is there for one year.

It seems about once every 3 years Ubaldo Jimenez puts together a Cy Young caliber type of year. If he can find all the stars aligned in the right direction he could throw like a suitable #1 pitcher in the league. The problem with the rotation is that Jimenez and Tillman are up and down – while Gausman and Bundy are unproven at the big league. At least the potential is there for one year.  Decent Innings were thrown by both starters this week, and Bundy worked a nice frame out of the Bullpen last night.

Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

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So less than a week of play has occurred and we are seeing some early trends.  They jumped from +1300 to +900 in 3 games, and I still believe that is great value.

1st impressions are I am glad I bet a lot of money on the Baltimore Orioles for the Division and the American League Pennant overall.  Yes they swept a Twins club at home, and  have yet to play on the road, but the pitching looks decent.

Chris Tillman and Ubaldo Jimenez look decent in their limited work, and the offense has come up clutch.

If the O’s are able to get that Cy Young caliber type of chucker Jimenez seems to wharf into for half a year (for once every 3 seasons), than maybe Baltimore has a fighting chance to win the AL East in 2016.

Baltimore was 47 – 31, and played one of the weirdest home games ever in front of no fans after the Baltimore riots.  For those scoring at home too, the Rays hosted 3 games with the civil unrest, and that is why there were only 78 games played at Camden Yards in 2015.

The Orioles were 34 – 50 on the road.  If they are able to win some games away from home cooking, they will compete. Read the rest of this entry

Where and How Not to Pitch

just emerged from a trip through Baseball Savant’s new treasure trove of baseball data. It felt like a baptism into a new world of baseball data that I only caught glimpses of through Fangraphs pitch f/x screens.  But there I was embroiled in thousands of data points and I didn’t know what to do. There’s exit velocities, pitch movement, release point, spin rate, and game situation available for every pitch thrown last year.  Where does one possibly begin?

Well, first things first, I thought and so to the Catchers’ Interferences I went.  Using Colby Lewis‘ two catchers interference calls to understand what I was looking at, I began to realize just how powerful this tool could be.  I understood why David Cameron was encouraged that we would learn something very cool from Statcast in 2016. I also understood that that long-sought discovery would not be found by deciphering why Colby Lewis had managed to induce (throw?) different catchers interference on different pitches nearly five months apart, or further decipher why he managed to be the only pitcher to do it twice last year.  And why are they both in that quadrant of the strikezone?!

Baseball is weird.  It is full of oddities and plays that you’ve never seen before, but baseball nerds find inner peace in “sample size” that because of the length of the season results in normalizing of the all that is right and holy.  Baseball itself finds peace knowing that today’s scorched lineout becomes tomorrow’s auspicious RBI flare double that lands on the chalk. So in this treasure trove of new data that is being collected by MLB Advanced Media, we’re supposed to filter through those Colby Lewis Catcher Interferences and find larger trends that help to educate the game. Supposed to.  How can I possibly look away from those two red dots?

colby lewis

At least temporarily, I must look away.  While on my trip through Pitch f/x data, I discovered something genuinely worth sharing. I figured out where not to pitch it.


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Who Owned Baseball April 7, 2016 (Daily AL/NL Pitcher + Hitter MVP’s) + 2016 #WOB Standings

MLB Reports

519630330 Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Jay Bruce went 3 for 4 with a pair of homers, driving in 5 and helped the Reds complete the sweep of Philadelphia with a 10-6 win.

Mark Teixeira collected a pair of hits, including a homer, driving in 3 and leading the Yankees to an 8-5 victory over Houston.

David Phelps came out of the bullpen and gave Miami 4 shutout innings and added an RBI single to boot, earning the 6-4 decision over the Nationals.

Mat Latos held the A’s to no runs and 1 hit over 6 innings as the White Sox took the game, 6-1.

They all owned baseball on April 7, 2016.

To view the Yearly Leaders for Who Owned Baseball Standings, plus see who gained 1/2 WOB’s – Click the READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY ICON OR SCROLL DOWN.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 8, 2016

MLB Reports

11390321_10153968192704937_6253627739772552077_nThe Reds are off to a great start that could go sour quickly.

Meanwhile, I want the naming rights for the A’s ballpark.

It all in the name for this episode ofThe Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Jay Bruce, Mark Teixeira, David Phelps, Mat Latos, David Peralta andTyler White all added to their total of Who Owned Baseball.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports.

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Milwaukee Baseball History – 25 Years Ago – Mark Knudson’s Unexpected Opening Day Start

The 1991 Milwaukee Brewers spring training camp was memorable for a rash of injuries to the team’s top three starting pitchers.  Ace Teddy Higuera didn’t get far into camp when it was discovered he had a rotator cuff tear.  What was first described as a “slight” or “minor” tear turned into a number of surgeries and extensive rehab for Higuera.

The No. 2 starter, Ron Robinson, was suffering from bone chips in his elbow.  The Brewers didn’t want to push him to start on Opening Day, yet he did pitch on the third game of the season, and suffered a serious elbow injury.  Like Higuera, he was lost for the season and would never be the same pitcher after attempting a comeback the following season.

Chris Bosio was third in the rotation, but he wasn’t doing much better than Robinson or Higuera.  Bosio had a knee injury and would not be ready to go on the opener.  The Brewers were down to either Jamie Navarro or Mark Knudson.  Both Navarro and Knudson had been bouncing between starting and relieving in their careers to that point, but were finally penciled in as starters for the 1991 season.


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