Milwaukee Baseball History – 25 Years Ago – Mark Knudson’s Unexpected Opening Day Start

The 1991 Milwaukee Brewers spring training camp was memorable for a rash of injuries to the team’s top three starting pitchers.  Ace Teddy Higuera didn’t get far into camp when it was discovered he had a rotator cuff tear.  What was first described as a “slight” or “minor” tear turned into a number of surgeries and extensive rehab for Higuera.

The No. 2 starter, Ron Robinson, was suffering from bone chips in his elbow.  The Brewers didn’t want to push him to start on Opening Day, yet he did pitch on the third game of the season, and suffered a serious elbow injury.  Like Higuera, he was lost for the season and would never be the same pitcher after attempting a comeback the following season.

Chris Bosio was third in the rotation, but he wasn’t doing much better than Robinson or Higuera.  Bosio had a knee injury and would not be ready to go on the opener.  The Brewers were down to either Jamie Navarro or Mark Knudson.  Both Navarro and Knudson had been bouncing between starting and relieving in their careers to that point, but were finally penciled in as starters for the 1991 season.


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