Baseball seems to gain ground in Iran

Believe it or not but baseball is played in Iran. Thanks to countless efforts and lots of patience of Japanese Toma Irokawa, who has been manager of the Iran national team  and who has helped to develop the game in the Islamic Republic.

Who ever could believe that a game invented by the arch enemy of Iran would be played there? Now the sport will even grow more rapidly as the Iran Federation of Sport Associations, Iran’s Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the Iranian National Olympic Committee, and the Iran Baseball and Softball Association and the WBSC agreed on a joint collaboration to expand and develop baseball and softball in Iran.

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  1. Toma Irokawa was in Iran for less than 6 months. Although he did become national team manager of Iran for around 3 months, he had nothing to do with the start or the development of baseball in Iran . We have been playing baseball in Iran for nearly 20 years. there are 14 teams and there is a league.


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