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Baseball Talk with Garrett Myers

DSC_0578With the NWAC Baseball Championships beginning Thursday I had the opportunity to talk with a few players getting ready for the tourney. First up was Garrett Myers, an outfielder for the defending champion Lower Columbia Red Devils.  Garrett isn’t your stereotypical baseball player. He isn’t the biggest guy on the team but his work ethic and drive make him one of the best. Having watched him all season long I can honestly say he gives it everything he has every game.

Listen to the interview now at Baseball Talk with Garrett Myers via 9 Inning Know It All

Nine Innings/Questions on the 2016 Reds

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This is a series of articles where I ask fellow bloggers from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) 9 innings worth of questions about their team. The goal is to do this for as many teams as possible (all 30 would be ideal) a few times a season. This one is a pre-All Star edition, then a post-All Star edition, another down the stretch (towards the end of the season) and then either a playoffs edition or off season edition or both!


So, without further ado …

  1. How are the (your team name here)’s offseason acquisitions working out so far? Any concerns?

The acquisitions the Reds made were young guys for the rebuild, most of whom have not debuted yet.  We won’t know this answer for years.

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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings 5/26/16

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P- CC Sabathia (vs. Toronto Blue Jays): $8,300

P- Kevin Gausman (vs. Houston Astros): $9,300


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Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Hitting Streak is Reaching Mostly Uncharted Waters Since 2000

At this time last year, not many people expected Jackie Bradley Jr. to hit consistently enough to maintain a .250 batting average, let alone put together one of baseball’s longest hitting streaks in quite some time. But that’s why they play the game.

JBJ’s current streak reached 28 games on Tuesday night after going 2-for-4 with a double and run scored in a victory for the Boston Red Sox at home over the Colorado Rockies. He’s used this month-long stretch to show manager John Farrell he shouldn’t be hitting in the ninth spot of the lineup anymore, and he’s sent that message by posting a .412/.487/.784 triple slash with eight home runs, 29 RBI and 18 runs scored during his last 102 at-bats.


Winter Work Paying Off For Yankee Farmhand Matt Marsh


MarshTo say the Tampa Yankees closer, Matt Marsh, is a friend of Off The Bench is a bit of an understatement.  I grew up with the kid, know his family, and my mother and uncle met up with him over the offseason to enjoy a college football game.  There’s something about the bond forged in the dugout during all those U-16 tournaments that we played across the Southeast that is indescribable. I mention all this to make clear that I’m biased.  I root for Matt.  Hard. OTBB even published an extended interview with him this winter.

When I heard that he planned to train hard this offseason at a facility in the DC area where a teammate had trained recently and gained a few miles per hour, I was excited.  I knew Matt’s history of arm troubles had robbed him of the potential velocity that was evident from the time we were 12.  I knew that he had spent time at 3 different colleges on his way to being an undrafted right handed reliever out of Liberty University.

From my position as a blogger and baseball nerd, I know the success rate of that type of player.  I know 24-year old relievers in A-ball are often labelled “non-prospects.”  They’re usually organizational filler that take up space on rosters, and help minor league teams compete through their rigorous schedule.

I know that often times these guys are the footnote in scouting notebooks.  They’re the guys that the real prospects are supposed to hit home runs off of.  Matt’s baseball resume is impressive, but until this year was just impressive enough to be good enough to face the million dollar bonus babies, theJorge Mateo’s of the world.

But all that just makes me more excited as I regularly check Matt’s baseball-reference page.  He started the season as a closer for the high-A Yankees.


Continue reading about Yankee Minor League closer Matt Marsh.  You could also visit our mostly baseball blog or follow us on Twitter @blogoffthebench.

The Reasons Why Stephen Strasburg Is A Top-Five Pitcher In Baseball

Stephen Strasburg is a completely different and much more dominant pitcher this season. In 2015, Strasburg struggled with injuries. This led to an 11-7 record, 3.46 ERA, 155 strikeouts, 26 walks, and a 2.81 FIP in 127.1 innings. So far in 2016, Strasburg is 8-0, with a 2.79 ERA, 86 strikeouts, 18 walks, and a 2.29 FIP in 67.2 innings. Something has clicked and Strasburg is thriving in 2016.


Strasburg’s elite strikeout rate is what propels him to a top-five starting pitcher in fantasy baseball. He is averaging 11.44 strikeouts per nine innings in 2016. On top of his strikeout rate, he is also limiting his earned runs, but his FIP suggests that his ERA should reduce even more.


His mid-to-upper 90’s fastball and filthy breaking pitches are keeping hitters off balance and limiting consistent contact. From a statistical standpoint, see the link below that compares some of the top pitchers in the game and helps depict why Stephen Strasburg is a top-five pitcher in baseball:


To see the chart and read the rest of the article, click the link below:



Foul Ball Week in Review (May 16-22): More Foul Ball Facials, Great Kids and More

We are now well into the 2016 MLB season. It’s been an interesting one for sure when it comes to foul balls. Not only did a fan get smoked with a foul THROUGH the netting within the first week of the season, but fans are still getting seriously hurt. The reason is one we need to explore further, but before we do here are some of the foul ball highlights for the time being from the week of May 16-22:


After 53 days of games, the official Twitter reported total for MLB games of fans hit in the face area by a foul ball was at 56. This is ONLY those #FoulBallFacials self-reported on Twitter. If I were to search Instagram and other social media sites, I’m guessing that total may be double.

My unofficial records for the last two seasons show the number of facials has not changed at all since the netting went up. In 2015 by this time there were 49 and in the 2014 season there were 47. So what’s the point of netting if it’s really not doing anything? The angles haven’t been cut down to save those most in danger (family seating areas and tempered “hockey” glass would help more and be less expensive).

Young Boy Injured by Foul Ball:

Last week a young man, 7-years-old, was smoked by a foul ball. His parents had him sitting in the second row at Petco in section 113. The young fan was hit in the head. Thankfully he was okay after a while.

A 6-year-old boy wasn’t so lucky about two weeks ago. He ended up being hospitalized after getting hit by a foul at a Charlotte Knights game. A similar situation to the Padres incident last week contributed to the injury.

These are prime examples of how negligent parents are and why I’ve advocated for years for MLB to create family specific sections in the outfield and/or upper decks, and ban kids 12 and under from sitting field level in the sections between the outer walls of each dugout. Had my suggestions been taken seriously by Manfred, the young man at the Padres game last week wouldn’t have been in that position. I do blame the parents. They should have known better.

We Can Learn from Kids:

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Ed Comber (VP Of The BBBA/Owner – foulballz.com)  

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Every Baseball Game is Great

By Josh:

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my time as a player, coach, fan and soon to be coach again. I’ve been thinking about all the times I got frustrated with the game of baseball and the reasons why I eventually just gave up on it. I’ve also been thinking about all the laughs and fun times I had in and around the game.

You see I have a 4 year old daughter who will be playing t-ball next year and I will be the coach. Also, my wife is pregnant and I’m really hoping it is a boy so I can coach baseball.

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