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Ray Knight Wanted to Stay with the Mets

Ray Knight Wanted to Stay with the Mets

Ray Knight is known to have wanted a two year deal after the 1986 season, and the Mets were only offering one. One of the most beloved players to wear the orange and blue, and the 1986 World Series MVP never wanted to leave New York, but 11th hour negotiations never worked out – and who know what could have been.

Knight would only play two more years in the major leagues, and though his numbers did not reflect his contributions while playing for the Mets, different environments create different results.

It’s crazy to hear Knight talk with Howie Rose about how he wanted to be part of the Mets again, most likely ending his career in Queens, yet in the 11th hour nothing could be done. He told his agent to accept the Mets offer and let’s get back to baseball, but the call never came and Ray would end up playing ball in Baltimore come 1987.

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WATCH: Noah “Thor” Syndergaard Gets Ejected After Throwing Behind Chase Utley

Well, the Mets finally sent their message of revenge to Chase Utley and it ended in the ejection of Noah Syndergaard. In 2015, Chase Utley attempted a late and dirty slide into second base that resulted in the New York Mets’ second baseman, Ruben Tejada, breaking his leg.

Noah Syndergaard decided to start the third inning by throwing behind Utley. The home plate umpire immediately ejected Syndergaard and Mets’ manager, Terry Collins, lost his mind. To see the video of Syndergaard throwing behind Utley, see the link below:



Nine Innings/Questions on the Brewers

If you like what you read below, check out more from Chris Zantow  at his site,  https://chriszantowauthor.wordpress.com/!

This is a continuation of our series of articles where I ask fellow bloggers from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA) 9 innings worth of questions about their team. The goal is to do this for as many teams as possible (all 30 would be ideal) a few times a season. This one is a pre-All Star edition, then a post-All Star edition, another down the stretch (towards the end of the season) and then either a playoffs edition or off season edition or both!


So, without further ado …


  1. How are the Cub’s offseason acquisitions working out so far? Any concerns?

Most have done as expected so far.  Until his recent near no-hitter against the Chicago Cubs, starting pitcher Chase Anderson hadn’t been as consistent as hoped.  Chris Carter’s all-or-nothing approach at the plate was a bit of a concern going into the season.  He started out strong, drawing more walks and striking out less, but seems to have regressed as of late.

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Keith Hernandez Says 1986 Mets Best Ever in Franchise History

Keith Hernandez Says 1986 Mets Best Ever in Franchise History

This weekend the New York Mets are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1986 World Championship team by having a reunion tomorrow night, as well as great fan giveaways tonight and Sunday night.

Part of the celebration included a re-broadcast of the infamous game 6 last night on WOR 710, which included great interviews with past players, including Keith Hernandez.

One of the best quotes form Keith during the interview spoke a lot to his character as a ballplayer, and how he truly does respect the game:

We never realized or felt going in that (if) we won 108 games, that we were destined to win the thing, we had to go out and win it.

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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For DraftKings 5/29/16

I typically post specific lineups that fit the salary cap limits, but I won’t have very good wifi connection over the weekend. As a result, I will post multiple players who have favorable match-ups.


If you have any questions or comments about this article or fantasy baseball, please Tweet me @dynasty_digest. Please follow my blog for daily updates on my daily fantasy baseball rosters for DraftKings (dynastydigest.sportsblog.com).


P- Clayton Kershaw (vs. New York Mets): In 91 career at bats against Kershaw, the Mets’ offense is batting .110, with zero home runs, three RBIs, 27 strikeouts, and a .182 OBP. In 2016, Kershaw is 7-1, with a 1.48 ERA, 95 strikeouts, five walks, and 47 hits against in 79 innings pitched.


To see the other 16 picks, click the link below:



Who Owned Baseball May 27, 2016 (Daily #MLB AL/NL Pitcher + Hitter MVP’s) + 2016 #WOB Standings

MLB Reports

FredThornhillAPCapture Fred Thornhill – AP

Josh Donaldson went 4 for 5 with 2 homers including a go ahead 2 run shot in the 8th inning that was the difference in Toronto’s 7-5 win over Boston.

Michael Fulmerpitched shutout ball into the 8th, allowing 3 hits over 7 2/3 innings, earning the 4-1 decision for the Tigers in Oakland.

Aaron Hill reached base 4 times, homering twice and leading Milwaukee past Cincinnati, 9-5.

Jacob deGrom threw 7 solid innings, allowing 1 run and 3 hits. The Mets bullpen blew his lead but they walked off 6-5 winners over the Dodgers.

They all owned baseball on May 27, 2016.

To view the Yearly Leaders for Who Owned Baseball Standings, plus see who gained 1/2 WOB’s – Click the READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY ICON OR SCROLL DOWN.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – May 28, 2016

MLB Reports

Miami+Marlins+v+Atlanta+Braves+x5Zd2VB-Bjnl Getty Images

As Ichiro moves closer to 3,000 hits, I wonder how many hits he can compile if he just keeps playing.

It is a “Let’s Keep Pushing” episode of The The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Josh Donaldson, Michael Fulmer, Aaron Hill, Jacob deGrom, Adam DuvallandJose Ramirez added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports

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What’s Good For Baseball

By William Robinson:

I like to talk about what’s good for baseball all the time. The funny thing about that is that there are so many different opinions about this that I’m sure that mine isn’t the only one and honestly may not be in the majority but I’m going to do a blog here today discussing things that I think need to change in the game to make it more popular for the masses.

  1. People do not come to the park to watch umpires. I’m sorry guys but Leslie Nielson isn’t walking through that door as a home plate umpire and nobody and I mean nobody is here to watch an umpire. What people are there for is to watch good hitters hit and good pitchers pitch. So when I hear stories about home plate umpires picking fights with players (I’m looking at you Joe West) it makes me want to do away with home plate umpires in general. And why not? We don’t need them.

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