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WATCH: Noah “Thor” Syndergaard Gets Ejected After Throwing Behind Chase Utley

Well, the Mets finally sent their message of revenge to Chase Utley and it ended in the ejection of Noah Syndergaard. In 2015, Chase Utley attempted a late and dirty slide into second base that resulted in the New York Mets’ second baseman, Ruben Tejada, breaking his leg.

Noah Syndergaard decided to start the third inning by throwing behind Utley. The home plate umpire immediately ejected Syndergaard and Mets’ manager, Terry Collins, lost his mind. To see the video of Syndergaard throwing behind Utley, see the link below:



WATCH: Two Elite Throws, But Whose Was Better, Aaron Hicks or Yasiel Puig?

Outfielders were showing off their cannons during this past week in Major League Baseball. Aaron Hicks recorded the fastest throw in StatCast history at 105 MPH and Yasiel Puig barehanded a ball and skipped the cut off man to throw out Trevor Story at third base. Both of these throws were elite, but now it is your turn to decide which one was the best. Click the link below to see the videos and please vote!



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