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Former Padres Prospect Pete Kelich’s TJ Story: The Ups, Downs, And Turnarounds Of Tommy John Rehab

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Pete Kelich (Special Guest Writer, Former MiLB Prospect, visit his site 

My name is Pete Kelich and I am a former minor league pitcher with the San Diego Padres.  I had Tommy John surgery in May of 2014 – and navigated my way to a successful recovery.  My goal is to help others that are going through the same obstacle with insight into my personal experience.  

Check out for more information.  My objective of this blog is to highlight setbacks during Tommy John rehab and the importance of dealing with them in the right way.

The Mental Roller Coaster

The most difficult part of Tommy John rehab is understanding that there WILL BE some bumps along the way.  Unfortunately, TJ surgery has one of the longer and more intricate recovery processes already.  So combined with the inevitable distractions and setbacks, it can really be a difficult rehabilitation to get through mentally and emotionally.  

Part of the reason why it can be such a mental and emotional roller coaster is the fact that as a player, you want to be out on the field doing what you love.  You continue to see your friends or co-workers lacing up their spikes each day and after a while, that gets to be frustrating.  

For me personally, it wasn’t a jealousy issue at all.  It was purely the fact that I wanted to be playing the game I loved.

To put a positive spin on this topic, what sitting out for over a year will do for you is really make you appreciate each and every time you are able to lace them up.

While going through rehab and the early stages of the rehab throwing program, I realized how much I took for granted.  

Even more so, I realized the importance of making each throw count and being smart during throwing sessions. Read the rest of this entry

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