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Justin Verlander Won’t Be The Hottest Verlander In Detroit For Long

Justin Verlander, 33 years old, seems to be swinging for the fences after asking supermodel, Kate Upton, 23 years old, to marry him. Verlander and Upton started dating in 2013, but they quickly broke it off. After being apart for 6 months, they decided to get back together. Ever since then, the happy couple has been all over social media and they aren’t shy about talking about one another. They are one of the most talked about couples in Major League Baseball. While Justin Verlander is a very popular public figure in Detroit, it looks as if Kate could be the hottest Verlander in Detroit once they tie the knot.


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Must See Picture: Noah Syndergaard Makes His Mark On Fellow Teammate, Kevin Plawecki

It is no secret that Noah Syndergaard is one of the most talked about pitchers in 2016. What isn’t to love? He can throw his fastball 100+ MPH, a slider that has touched 95 MPH, and he looks like the superhero Thor. Well now he can add one more title to his resume, “catchers worst nightmare.” While I’m sure catchers enjoy catching his pinpoint accuracy, I know they must cringe when they see one of his pitches approaching the dirt and they know they must make the ultimate sacrifice, a block. New York Mets catcher, Kevin Plawecki, can confirm that previous statement. In last night’s game versus the Philadelphia Phillies, Plawecki had the honor to drop and block one of Thor’s pitches in the dirt and the result has many people saying “‘holy’ cow, that must hurt.” The high-velocity pitch from Syndergaard caused Plawecki’s cross necklace to leave a brand across his chest after impact. Luckily for Plawecki, I’m sure the short-term pain felt much better after the Mets beat the Phillies 5-2. See the picture of Kevin Plawecki’s chest in the link below:



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