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Daily Fantasy MLB DFS Picks For Draft Kings 4/25/16

P- Madison Bumgarner (vs. San Diego Padres): $12,000. What is not to love about this match-up? One of the best pitchers in baseball, against one of the worst offenses in baseball. The San Diego Padres offense is currently ranked at the 27th best offense in baseball. Madison Bumgarner has started 4 games this year and 3 of them were against elite offenses (Dodgers x2 and Arizona). In these four starts, he has thrown 23 innings, with a 3.91 ERA, 29 strikeouts, 8 walks, and a 1-2 record. He is back at his home stadium, which is a great park for pitchers, and I’m sure he is ready to take care of business. The Padres lineup has struggled against Bumgarner throughout his entire career. In 140 at bats against him, they are hitting .200 with 43 strikeouts, and only 2 home runs. This could be a huge game for MadBum, who is averaging 18.5 points per game on Draft Kings.

P- Noah Syndergaard (vs. Cincinnati Reds): $11,400. Syndergaard has been an absolute beast this year. In 3 starts in 2016, he has thrown 20 innings, with a 0.90 ERA, 29 strikeouts, and only 4 walks. He is currently averaging a massive, 31.9 points per game on Draft Kings. He will be facing the 23rd best offense in Major League Baseball, the Cincinnati Reds, on Monday. Syndergaard will also be pitching in his home stadium, which is always a plus to have your hometown crowd behind a pitcher. Considering what Syndergaard has done this season, it is near impossible not to start him on Monday.


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Why Lucas Duda is the Most Crucial Part of the New York Mets’ Offense in 2016

If the New York Mets had any plans of giving themselves a shot at returning to the World Series, many fans and analysts felt that re-signing Yoenis Cespedes was necessary.

After all, his impact on the lineup and how it produced last season was impossible to ignore (stats via ESPN):

Before Trade After Trade
Runs per game 3.5 5.4
Scoring rank 30 3
OPS .662 .794
OPS Rank 30 2

Without him, what New York accomplished wouldn’t have happened. Having Cespedes back this year lengthens the lineup and makes it a lot more dangerous, but there can be an argument made that he’s not the most important piece.

For me, that honor gets bestowed upon Lucas Duda.


Odds To Win The Overall Homer Crown In 2016 MLB Baseball: Battle Of The Big Fly’s

Stanton has light tower power - and should lead the NL in Homers if he can remain healthy for a whole year. While it doesn't lock up a postseason berth having an MVP type season - coupled with a CY Young caliber pitcher on the field, it should translate in a chance to contend for the year.

Stanton has light tower power – and should lead the NL and Majors in Homers if he can remain healthy for a whole year.   In just 74 Games Played last campaign, the big slugger belted 27 HRs.  The problem is always staying on the field.  There is no reason to think he can’t crack 50+ HRs if he played a full season.  To aid his efforts as the biggest favorite to win this years MLB Homer crown – is that Marlins Park is bringing in the fences and also lowering them.

Hunter Stokes (BBBA Featured Writer) 

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I am flat-out wondering why these guys failed to include Chris Carter on this list?  For a prolific Home Run Hitter over the last 3 years (90 bombs), this guy is getting no respect.

I mean they have Corey Seager, Matt Adams and Freddie Freeman at the +20000 clip, but no word for a guy who finished 2nd in 2014 MLB Homers?

Carter is headed to the best home run park in the Major Leagues in Milwaukee, and will not be on a competitive club, where his AB may be in question.  Sure the guy might fan 250 times in 600 AB this season, but he may crack 40 taters for all we know.

I have requested this gambling website send me the odd for Carter (you can request a player that wasn’t listed), and I will get back to you shortly.

Let me start by saying that if Giancarlo Stanton remains healthy for a full year that he should definitely lead the Majors in longballs.  Despite us predicting him to do this, his odd only is listed as our #5 value best bet on the board. Read the rest of this entry

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