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MLB Trade Rumors: Drew Pomeranz To The Chicago White Sox Could Be A Perfect Fit

Drew Pomeranz, 27 years old, has been a very pleasant surprise in 2016. After being traded to the San Diego Padres in the offseason, the Padres decided to transfer Pomeranz back to the starting rotation after three years of work in the bullpen with the Oakland A’s and Colorado Rockies.


Through his first 10 starts in 2016, he has a 4-5 record, 2.48 ERA, 35 hits against, 69 strikeouts, and 29 walks in 58 innings pitched.


Unfortunately, this left-hander’s talents are being put the waste on the last place San Diego Padres. It is no secret that the Padres will look to sell their talent at the deadline to continue their rebuilding process. Pomeranz will be at the top of everyone’s wish list when they look at the assets the Padres are offering.


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Cleveland Indians’ Pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, Badly Injured While Covering First Base

Cleveland Indians’ pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, was helped off the field today after suffered what looked like a pretty severe hamstring injury. He was covering first base on a ground ball hit to the first baseman, and his left leg gave out as he reached for the bag. The severity of the injury is not known, but this could be a huge loss for the Indians’ rotation. Based on the video (which you can see at this link:, it looks as if he could have suffered a pretty bad hamstring strain. According to, hamstring strain recovery times tend to vary depending on what grade strain it is. Assuming it is a hamstring strain, he could miss, “3 weeks for a grade 1, anything from between 2 and 8 weeks for a grade 2 hamstring strain and you are looking at pretty much 12 weeks for a grade 3.”


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