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Check out These 5 Franchise-Altering MLB Trades that Almost Happened

Sometimes, the best trades are the ones you don’t make. That couldn’t ring more true for what we’re about to talk about.

The trade deadline is literally right around the corner and things are starting to get interesting. With new rumors surfacing every 20 seconds, it’s easy to get lost on social media in order to follow along. It’s also harder for teams to keep these negotiations as private as they used to, which makes their jobs a little more difficult.

This couldn’t have been more evident over the past year with potential deals that fell through with the general public looking on. Situations involving Wilmer Flores, Brandon Phillips, Michael Saunders and Jay Bruce were just some of the ones we’ve recently watched break down right in front of our eyes.

After seeing a number of trades fall apart in a short period of time, what about old proposed trades that never happened, but would’ve been ridiculous if they did? I was led to the following five near-deals that had the power to transform the looks of every franchise involved.


Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Hitting Streak is Reaching Mostly Uncharted Waters Since 2000

At this time last year, not many people expected Jackie Bradley Jr. to hit consistently enough to maintain a .250 batting average, let alone put together one of baseball’s longest hitting streaks in quite some time. But that’s why they play the game.

JBJ’s current streak reached 28 games on Tuesday night after going 2-for-4 with a double and run scored in a victory for the Boston Red Sox at home over the Colorado Rockies. He’s used this month-long stretch to show manager John Farrell he shouldn’t be hitting in the ninth spot of the lineup anymore, and he’s sent that message by posting a .412/.487/.784 triple slash with eight home runs, 29 RBI and 18 runs scored during his last 102 at-bats.


Jackie Bradley Jr. Extends His Hit Streak To 27 Games

Jackie Bradley Jr. has been a man on a mission over the last 27 games. In that timespan, he has a hit in every game and he has raised his batting average from .222 to .342. He now owns the longest hit streak of the 2016 season, but it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon.


Bradley’s pitch recognition and consistent contact has been in a league of its own over the last month. During that month, Bradley is batting .420, with seven home runs, 26 RBIs, 16 runs, and a .505 OBP. For crying out loud, this guy is getting on base over 50% of the time. Coming from a career .236 batter, I don’t think anyone expected this kind of success from Bradley, but he is proving everyone wrong.


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