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The Reasons Why Stephen Strasburg Is A Top-Five Pitcher In Baseball

Stephen Strasburg is a completely different and much more dominant pitcher this season. In 2015, Strasburg struggled with injuries. This led to an 11-7 record, 3.46 ERA, 155 strikeouts, 26 walks, and a 2.81 FIP in 127.1 innings. So far in 2016, Strasburg is 8-0, with a 2.79 ERA, 86 strikeouts, 18 walks, and a 2.29 FIP in 67.2 innings. Something has clicked and Strasburg is thriving in 2016.


Strasburg’s elite strikeout rate is what propels him to a top-five starting pitcher in fantasy baseball. He is averaging 11.44 strikeouts per nine innings in 2016. On top of his strikeout rate, he is also limiting his earned runs, but his FIP suggests that his ERA should reduce even more.


His mid-to-upper 90’s fastball and filthy breaking pitches are keeping hitters off balance and limiting consistent contact. From a statistical standpoint, see the link below that compares some of the top pitchers in the game and helps depict why Stephen Strasburg is a top-five pitcher in baseball:


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Yu Darvish Is Returning On Saturday… All Fantasy Owners Can Rejoice

Fantasy owners, the time has come, Yu Darvish will be making his season debut on Saturday against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Darvish is returning after 22 months of rehab following Tommy John Surgery.


He has made five rehab starts in the minor leagues and he has been very sharp. In those five starts, he has thrown 20 innings, with a 0.90 ERA, and 21 strikeouts. He has also hit 97 MPH with his fastball, which is a great sign of positive health. It looks like Darvish is back and ready to dominate for the Texas Rangers.


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Why Is The Deal Between The Los Angeles Angels And Tim Lincecum Taking So Long?

Which team will sign former Cy Young Award winner, Tim Lincecum? It is a question many baseball fans have been pondering for weeks. It looks like we could have an answer very soon. It was reported a few days ago that Lincecum signed with the Los Angeles Angels, but there is no finalized answer quite yet. The deal is pending a physical, but it has been nearly three days since hearing any verdict of the final decision.


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Is It Time To Worry About Dallas Keuchel?

Dallas Keuchel was considered the best pitcher in the American League in 2015, but he doesn’t look like the same pitcher in 2016. In 2015, he threw 232 innings, with a 2.48 ERA, 216 strikeouts (8.39 per 9 innings), 51 walks (1.98 per 9 innings), and a 20-8 record. So far in 2016, he has thrown 50 innings, with a 5.58 ERA, 42 strikeouts (7.56 per 9 innings), 22 walks (3.96 per 9 innings), and a 2-5 record. Based on these statistics, there is a clear problem. So is it time to start worrying about this decline in Keuchel’s production?

When diving into the analytics of his velocity, pitch selection, and pitch location, there are a few red flags. The first red flag is the significant drop in his velocity. In 2015, his four-seam fastball averaged 89.6 MPH, his two-seam fastball averaged 89.5 MPH, and his cut-fastball averaged 86.3 MPH. In 2016, he is averaging 88.4 MPH with his four-seam, 88.2 MPH with his two-seam, and 85.5 MPH with his cut-fastball.


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Cleveland Indians’ Pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, Badly Injured While Covering First Base

Cleveland Indians’ pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, was helped off the field today after suffered what looked like a pretty severe hamstring injury. He was covering first base on a ground ball hit to the first baseman, and his left leg gave out as he reached for the bag. The severity of the injury is not known, but this could be a huge loss for the Indians’ rotation. Based on the video (which you can see at this link:, it looks as if he could have suffered a pretty bad hamstring strain. According to, hamstring strain recovery times tend to vary depending on what grade strain it is. Assuming it is a hamstring strain, he could miss, “3 weeks for a grade 1, anything from between 2 and 8 weeks for a grade 2 hamstring strain and you are looking at pretty much 12 weeks for a grade 3.”


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Doubront’s injury may be what’s best for A’s

Felix Doubront. Getty Images.

Felix Doubront. Getty Images.

Doubront to have Tommy John surgery on Tuesday

You’ve already heard this news I’m sure and we all (at least I did) completely saw it coming. Felix Doubront, who was named the Oakland A’s fifth starter in late March, couldn’t even make it through his first exhibition game against the Giants. 

The now-interim fifth starter (perhaps permanent, we don’t know!)  Eric Surkamp came into the game, pitching seven scoreless innings and helped the A’s win that ballgame. 

It was an exhibition game but to hold that San Francisco Giants’ potent offense, keep them from scoring and secure an Athletics’ victory over a despised rival is a pretty big deal.

This post is supposed to be around Doubront. If you’d like to know more about Surkamp just CLICK HERE to read my column on Today’s Knuckleball.

It was pretty obvious, the outcome off Felix Doubront’s injury. He left the game with forearm soreness ( Tommy John surgery sign number one). He had an MRI (sign number two). Got the doctor’s opinion and decided to seek a second opinion (sign number three and the nail in the coffin of the diagnosis of a torn ulnar collateral ligament and the inevitable, Tommy John surgery).

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Down Goes an Injured Evan Gattis, In Steps Preston Tucker

Earlier today, it was announced that the Houston Astros designated hitter, Evan Gattis, will be out for 4 to 6 weeks after receiving surgery for a sports hernia. In 2015, Gattis had his best offensive season in his career hitting .246 with 27 home runs, 66 runs, 88 RBI’s, and a .285 on base percentage. He started the year off slow, but he got hot midway through the season. He was one of the Astros top offensive contributors during their playoff run. I greatly enjoyed watching Gattis crush the ball all season as an Astros fan. My family became huge fans of his hustle, raw power, and caveman-like swing (see video below of Evan Gattis swing and you will understand why I call it caveman-like). There is something about a guy who hits without batting gloves, blasts absolute bombs off fastballs that are head-high, and has a badass beard that earned him my personal nickname, Captain Caveman. Unfortunately, he could possibly miss a few games at the start of the season due to this injury, but the Astros have plenty of great alternative options.



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