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WATCH: Chicago Cubs’ Fan Rushes The Field To Celebrate Jake Arrieta’s No-Hitter… New Curse?

As many of you already know, Jake Arrieta threw his second career no-hitter last night. It is always bittersweet when a pitcher throws a gem on the road, since the home fans aren’t there to celebrate with their team. Well, think again. One Chicago Cubs’ fan decided to rush the field and join the celebration on Thursday night. This fan joined the Cubs’ circle, around Arrieta, as they jumped up and down in excitement. The fan then made his way to the middle of the circle where he tried to grab Arrieta’s hat. It wasn’t long before part of the stadium’s security escorted him off the field.

Throughout the years, the Chicago Cubs have struggled with curses…. the goat, Steve Bartman, could this turn into another curse? If Arrieta somehow gets hurt or starts to pitch terrible, I would be a little worried Cubs fans, because this could be the curse of the no-hitter fan celebration. I’m not sure the Cubs organization can handle another curse, so lets hope the Cubs continue to dominate in 2016. They currently have the best record in Major League Baseball and should have a great chance to make a run at their first World Series title since 1908.


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Has Jake Arrieta Surpassed Clayton Kershaw As The Best Pitcher In The MLB?

On Thursday night, Chicago Cubs’ pitcher, Jake Arrieta, threw a no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds. This was Arrieta’s second career no-hitter. His no-hitters are separated by only 8 months, which includes the offseason. Not many Major League Baseball fans would have predicted the success Arrieta has shown over the past two seasons, considering he didn’t blossom into an elite pitcher until he was 28 years old. In his first four seasons with the Baltimore Orioles, from the age of 24 to 27, he threw 358 innings with a 5.46 ERA, 277 strikeouts (7 strikeouts per nine innings), and 159 walks (4 walks per nine innings). At the age of 28, he was traded to the Chicago Cubs and his career was about to drastically change. Since stepping on the mound at Wrigley Field, he has thrown 459.1 innings with a 2.21 ERA, 460 strikeouts (9 per nine innings), and 115 walks (2.3 per nine innings).


Here is the real question; does Arrieta’s success over the past year and a half make him the best pitcher in Major League Baseball? Many people would claim that Clayton Kershaw holds that honor, but Arrieta is doing all that he can do to steal that title. Regardless of who is better, both pitchers are in a class far above any other pitcher in the big leagues. To help you make your decision on who is the best pitcher in Major League Baseball, look at the statistical comparisons over the past 3 seasons (including the first few starts from 2016) below:


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