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CEB and KNBSB should review their regulations

Yes you are reading it well. The European Confederation of Baseball (CEB) and the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation (KNBSB) should review their regulations. 

Why? Well, let me explain.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Euro League BaseballThe International Skating Union (ISU) tried to prohibit speed skaters to participate in a lucrative speed skating event in Dubai (yes it sounds strange: Speed skating in de desert).
The ISU threatened that whoever would participate in this event, would face a livelong ban.

A few Dutch speed skaters that wanted to participate, put this issue on the agenda of the ISU. A year later, the European Commission started an investigation after the abuse of power of the ISU.

The European Commission is worried about the sanctions that the ISU is imposing on athletes. These sanctions are not created to maintain higher standards in the sport of speed skating but the main purpose is to keep a grip on speedskating.


CEB, Baseball popular in Europe?

Recently I bumped into this stat, showing the decline of baseball players in Europe.

When you read this from right to left, you will see an incline of members first but from 2014 the numbers go down with a sharp drop in 2015. Baseball Popular in Europe?
When you know that Jan Esselman is the chairman of the CEB since 2013, the decline of members is bigger than the growth of it since his appointment. In an interview with the pan-European baseball website, Mr. Esselman stated the following: “The challenge for the new Executive is to find solutions for the various top and development levels within the European baseball competitions. The best way for all Federations is that every team can compete on their own level and in that way to reach a higher one. The last change of the Seniors in to A, B and C level will be watched carefully.”

“… that every team can compete on their own level…”

Really? Clubs like Curacao Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam Pirates clearly have outgrown the Dutch competition. Therefore an initiative like the ELB would be a great opportunity for both teams. Sure, both teams could not participate due to the ban that was imposed by the Dutch federation, but that very same federation initially allowed Amsterdam Baseball, which contained players of L&D Amsterdam Pirates who are not playing in the Dutch National team, a.k.a.  team Kingdom of the Netherlands, to participate in the ELB.

More to read here.

ELB games of Amsterdam Baseball postponed

A sudden move by the CEB forced the managment of the Euro League Baseball to postpone the upcoming games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno. 
It looks like the CEB does everything that is in her power to prevent the ELB from succeeding. 

Asd 2The Euro League Baseball League games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno which were scheduled on May 15 and May 16 are postponed until further notice. This is what the management of the Euro League Baseball announced this morning through a press release.


Inaugural ELB season starts coming week


The inaugural season of the Euro League Baseball will start coming Tuesday when the Buchbinder Legionäre from Regensburg will visit Draci Brno for a two game series. 

In May 2015 the announcement of the ELB shook up the European baseball community. The inaugural season will start on April 19. To make this European professional league possible, the European Association of Professional Baseball was founded.
The founders, Wim van den Hurk (father of former MLB pitcher Rick van den Hurk, who is a star in the Japanese NPB now) and Jan Maarten Kops, thought it was time to start this European adventure. Adventure because the league walks the unbeaten tracks of European baseball.

Inaugural ELB season to start coming week

Euro League Baseball: Why some teams dare to participate and others don’t

After the news that the Euro League Baseball will start this season without the Dutch, Italian and French participants, I was wondering why some teams have decided to pull back and some can’t wait to participate in the ELB.

Curacao Neptunus’ participation was already at stake when the KNBSB (the Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation) did not allow them to participate on pain of exlusion from the Dutch Hoofdklasse, but according to their spokes person, the financial risk was one of the main reasons that the club decided to pull back. Through the years, Curacao Neptunus never overspent and had a sound financial policy. Without a main sponsor of the ELB it may have forced them to overspend and thus risking the club’s future. Through the years we have seen several Dutch clubs disappear because they kept spending on players with money they did not really have. Clubs like Haarlem Nicols and ADOLakers.
On the other hand, to make something work, you have to invest at times.

ELB: Why some clubs dare to participate and some don’t

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