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Odds To Be The 1st MLB Manager Fired In 2016: Who Is On The Hotseat?

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Hunter Stokes (BBBA Featured Writer) 

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Every year there are certain managers that have a ton of pressure to win.  This is always a tough process to think of who will be nixed first.

On one hand, many clubs that should be in contention for the playoffs will see an axe come to their tenure, however sometimes clubs are so bad record wise (even though they were projected to be) that the franchise will just slay the field general in the name of mercy.

As far as under the gun goes. guys like Brad Ausmus, John Farrell and John Gibbons.  are tops on the list. 

Ausmus doesn’t have a track record of any postseason series wins like the latter two here, so he is going to be the #1 favorite out of this group of skippers that could go fast with playoff aspirations if their teams struggle out of the starting block.

Gibbons did a great job with Toronto in 2015, but a slow start would really put his name on the block. Say if they are 6 or 7 games behind the playoff bar near Memorial Day.

Farrell has put up back to back 5th place finishes in the AL East after winning the World Series Title in his 1st year of being the skipper in 2013.

Then there is a perennial bad losing club that have long tenured coaches like Walt Weiss and Robin Ventura. I am not sure they should not have been shown the door following last years campaigns. 

Weiss has losing years for every year under his belt, and Ventura rode out 2013 with his late season collapse, but his club has underachieved in every other year.

Still the two most managers on the hot seat are Fredi Gonzalez of the Braves on top of the favorite list at +331, followed by Bryan Price at +441. But I hate putting money on either of these gentlemen with their clubs both being on track to challenge for the worst record in the Majors this year.

Heck, Gonzalez’s predecessor Bobby Cox was the well into his 3rd decade with the “Tomahawk” Choppers when he finally stepped down to a front office job. Gonzalez at least had the Braves in the playoffs in 2012. 

Price can’t really be expected to do anything with this anemic Pitching Staff, and all veterans except for Votto may be available for trade at any point.

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Don Mattingly Gives David Wright Confidence for Upcoming Season

Don Mattingly Gives David Wright Confidence for Upcoming Season

David Wright has a very challenging 2016 season in his sights. The talk around baseball this Spring Training is if he is able to be on the field for 100 games, it’s a successful year. To combat the naysayers, Wright spent a month in California exploring techniques and developing a game plan for a daily regimen to get him ready to play with limited or no effort outside of the ordinary preparation. Wright himself stated, “So far, so good”, and with that I will have the upmost confidence in our Captain.

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Baseball’s Greatest One Hit Wonders Part 1: The Batters

Phil Plantier made his debut with the Boston Red Sox in 1990. During the 1992 season, Plantier crushed 11 HRs and added another 35 RBI in just 53 games. He was then traded in the off-season to the San Diego Padres for Jose Melendez. Plantier then thrived in California.

Chuck Booth (BBBA President/Owner 

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Music has one hit wonders, some have even made an entire career out of just one stretch of time where they were deemed relevant. 

Baseball is like everything else, they have had their fair share of players that fit this mold. 

In the next two weeks, we will take a look at hitters and pitchers that were really on fire for a stretch before they petered out just as fast. 

I harken back to the movie ‘Tin Cup” for this next saying,  “Greatness Courts Failure.”  The difference between the two in baseball is so miniscule. 

Unfortunately for every player that makes it to the show, hundreds never get their chance at all.  (more…)

The Miami Marlins In 2016: Contenders Or Pretenders?

The Miami Marlins have not had a winning season since finishing 87 - 75 in 2009. With some deft maneuvers and the right allocation of team salary - this club could contend in the NL East with Atlanta and Philadelphia both rebuilding. With a suspect ownership group I am not sure they will be bolster the club any bit.

The Miami Marlins have not had a winning season since finishing 87 – 75 in 2009. With some deft maneuvers and the right allocation of team salary (like the latest Chen signing) – this club could contend in the NL East with Atlanta and Philadelphia both rebuilding. With all questions pointing to how Jeffrey Loria will behave if they were in contention halfway through, it will be an entertaining season.

Hunter Stokes (Featured Writer) 

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The Marlins finally threw down some money on a relevant Free Agent in the past week when they signed LHP Wei-Yin Chen.  The former Oriole received a 5 YR deal worth $80 MIL – that also has a Vesting Option for a 6th year.

Financially speaking, Chen will only earn $14 MIL of that pact in 2016 – thus bringing the Fish to about $77 MIL total team salary to start the campaign.

Miami is one of the middle of the pack teams in the National League – much like the Arizona Diamondbacks are.  These teams should be predicted to be just around .500.  The rest of the clubs should be well north or south of the even record mark. Read the rest of this entry

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