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ELB games of Amsterdam Baseball postponed

A sudden move by the CEB forced the managment of the Euro League Baseball to postpone the upcoming games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno. 
It looks like the CEB does everything that is in her power to prevent the ELB from succeeding. 

Asd 2The Euro League Baseball League games between Amsterdam Baseball and Draci Brno which were scheduled on May 15 and May 16 are postponed until further notice. This is what the management of the Euro League Baseball announced this morning through a press release.


Inaugural ELB season starts coming week


The inaugural season of the Euro League Baseball will start coming Tuesday when the Buchbinder Legionäre from Regensburg will visit Draci Brno for a two game series. 

In May 2015 the announcement of the ELB shook up the European baseball community. The inaugural season will start on April 19. To make this European professional league possible, the European Association of Professional Baseball was founded.
The founders, Wim van den Hurk (father of former MLB pitcher Rick van den Hurk, who is a star in the Japanese NPB now) and Jan Maarten Kops, thought it was time to start this European adventure. Adventure because the league walks the unbeaten tracks of European baseball.

Inaugural ELB season to start coming week

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