A Look at the Early NL Rookie of the Year Field

Ground Rule Triple

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks

After one month into the six-month season, and it’s time for a way-too-early look at the awards field. This time, it’s the NL Rookie of the Year field. Last season, in the National League last year, it came down to first-year third baseman–Kris Bryant, Jung-ho Kang, and Matt Duffy. Let’s see how the field shapes up after a month into the 2016 season!

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The Official 2016 OTBB MLB TV Rankings: Part 2, 14-1

Below are all 30 teams ranked from least fun to watch to can’t turn off. Enjoy and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.

You can find part one of our rankings, with teams 30-15, here.

  1. Arizona Diamondbacks

The Dbacks made the top half of the rankings but not exactly for positive reasons. Sure, Paul Goldschmidt is one of the best hitters in the sport and rarely disappoints and you might see someZack Greinke greatness from time to time, but this team has a legitimate chance of becoming a real dumpster fire. For the second straight season, Arizona thinks they can compete for the NL West crown and for the second straight season it looks very unlikely. Sure, their rotation in much improved (assuming their good pitchers pitch like good pitchers) but they’re still trotting out 7 guys and Goldschmidt every night. The injury to AJ Pollock was a big blog but he wasn’t going to be the sole difference maker, this is a team that insists on batting Jean Segura leadoff despite a career sub .300 OBP just because he seems like a leadoff hitter. In an era of advanced stats and analytics where every team seems to think similarly and no team really gets ripped off in a trade, the Dbacks still managed to get fleeced by the Braves last winter.

The real thing to note, however, is Arizona’s uniforms. The Diamondback’s uniforms are so horrendous that it is shocking to me that this isn’t some sort of  scandal. Remember when the Marlins’ players hated their black jerseys so much they revolted and never wore them? How have the Diamondbacks not done this? Though I guess you can’t only wear your throwbacks every single night.

I’ve been tuning in to Arizona games just to see what they’re wearing and how awful it looks, and it never disappoints. I think these jerseys could be the one year catastrophe we look back on and laugh at in a few years.

  1. Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have some stars that definitely get you to tune in. There’s Justin Verlander, Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Jordan Zimmerman,  and Justin Upton just to name a few. Problem is, the Tigers finished in last place last season and are poised to do so again in a very tough division if their aging core can’t stay healthy. This might be a team to watch in April and May when everyone is feeling good but not something you want to tune in to in August when they’re on their 3rd string first basemen and both Cabrera and Martinez are out of the lineup.

Plus, with the Tigers you know you’re always right on the edge of a major bullpen meltdown and those can be fun.

12. Los Angeles Angels

Before I get into the Angels I have to say, at this point forward we’re really splitting hairs. The remaining 12 teams are all good TV.


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MLB Fantasy Daily (DFS) Picks For FanDuel – 4/29/16

MLB Reports


Hunter Stokes (Chief Writer/Part Owner) 

Starting Pitchers 

P – Jon Lester, ATL @ CHC, $11, 000

P – Juan Nicasio, CIN @ PIT, $6800

Team Stacks

Chicago Cubs vs Aaron Blair

Arizona vs Tyler Chatwood

Colorado vs Robbie Ray

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The Official 2016 OTBB MLB TV Rankings: Part 1, 30-15

The 2016 season is upon us! So far it has been fantastic, we’ve had late game heroics, incredible catches, unprecedented home run streaks, baseball in the snow, and the Braves still haven’t won a game. What more could you want?

If anything, 2016 has been a little bit overwhelming. With so many exciting teams and players it’s hard to know where to focus your attention. Do you watch Jose Fernandez after missing him last season or the Blue Jays’ murderers row? Do you flip over to Mike Trout vs Sonny Gray or Bryce Harper‘s near inevitable extra base hit when facing Tom Koehler? How can you possibly be expected to make these decisions?

Never fear! OTBB is here to help. Following our uber-successful annual series, here are the 2016 MLB TV rankings, the comprehensive way to determine which teams are the most fun to watch and which aren’t even worth the 2 minute Daily Recap on the MLB app the next morning.

There are a few things that make a team worth watching and talent is chief among them. If a team is really good or filled with really good players, it’s obviously going to be more fun to tune in to their games than a cellar dweller with few, if any, stars. That said, one transcendent player can make all the difference. The Angels aren’t very good but every single Mike Trout at bat is must see TV.

Other factors come into play as well. Great announcers, uniforms, or other interesting oddities are a plus. Hawk Harrelson is a minus. All things are factored in when making the definitive MLB TV rankings.

Below are the bottom half of the 30 teams ranked from least fun to watch to can’t turn off. Enjoy and feel free to tell us what you think in the comments below.


30.Philadelphia Phillies

This is a bad team without a real star. Jeremy Hellickson is the Ace and he’s good but you won’t go out of your way to see him, not anymore anyway. You certainly won’t turn the Phils on special to seeRyan Howard and Carlos Ruiz. Only true phans will be watching this team.

The one caveat may be the new and improved Charlie Morton. It looks like he could be in for a big year after his most recent start, which saw his stuff reach nearly unprecedented heights.


29. Milwaukee Brewers


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Who Owned Baseball April 28, 2016 (Daily MLB AL/NL Pitcher + Hitter MVP’s) + 2016 #WOB Standings

MLB Reports

bal-orioles-0428-wre0038111844-20160428Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Manny Machado reached base three times and launched a grand slam, driving in 5 altogether, to lead Baltimore past the White Sox, 10-2.

Mychal Givens came out of the bullpen and got a key bases loaded strikeout to wiggle out of a jam. He would record an inning and a third of shutout ball, striking out 2 and earning the 10-2 decision for the Orioles over the White Sox.

Nick Markakis went 4 for 5, driving in 3 and led the Braves to a rare win, 5-3, in Boston.

Aaron Nola threw 7 shutout innings, allowing 2 hits, 1 walk and 7 strikeouts. He did not get the decision but set up Philadelphia’s 3-0 win in Washington.

They all owned baseball on April 28, 2016.

To view the Yearly Leaders for Who Owned Baseball Standings, plus see who gained 1/2 WOB’s – Click the…

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Using Pitch f/x to Explain Alex Wood’s Rocky Start

Coming into this season, there was a lot of talk about Dodgers’ left hander Alex Wood. With the exodus of Zach Greinke and injury to Hyun-Jin Ryu, Wood is one of the guys the Dodgers will be counting on this season to pick up the slack in the rotation. Wood is particularly interesting because of his extremely funky pitching motion. Here’s a gif of Wood throwing a pitch from his days back with the Braves:


As you can see, weird.

This spring, there was a lot of talk about Wood looking a lot better coming into 2016 because he had finally figured out how to throw all of his pitches from the exact same arm angle. This, coupled with an uptick in velocity, spelled big, big things for him coming into 2016.

So far, Wood has’t been very good. He hasn’t been awful either, he’s just been very inconsistent. His velocity has been better though, all three of his pitches- his sinker, changeup, and curve – are almost three mph faster than at any other point during his career.

So what gives? If he’s throwing harder, as predicted, why isn’t he seeing the better results that were also foretold?

Let’s take a look at the release locations for each of his pitches.



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Howie Rose Believes Syndergaard is Close to Dr. K Status

Howie Rose Believes Syndergaard is Close to Dr. K Status

Howie Rose, New York Mets radio broadcaster, was asked if he believed the hype surrounding Noah Syndergaard and if he was as electric as Dwight Gooden. Here is what he had to say:

We got there in 2013 with Harvey. That was the closest thing we’d seen to Doc. It was not only what we saw on the field, it’s the electricity that he produced not only in the stands, but in the city. What Syndergaard is doing now is just about there. I think the hype is just about for Noah where it was for Matt 3 years ago, and hopefully he has a little more linear path to success without the interruption that so many of these kids seem to have.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast – April 29, 2016

MLB Reports

Jay+Bruce+Cincinnati+Reds+v+St+Louis+Cardinals+vRYc2lCJmw1l Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images North America

The A’s have so many holes in their lineup that just putting adequate hitters on the squad will be worth a few wins.

Maybe they should consider putting a deal together for Jay Bruce.

It is an “fix it now rather than later” episode of The Sully Baseball Daily Podcast.

Manny Machado, Nick Markakis, Mychal Givens, Aaron Nola, Tanner Roark, Jonathan Villarand Hanley Ramirez all added to their totals for Who Owns Baseball yesterday.

See the updated listing of WOB on MLB Reports

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BREAKING: Dee Gordon Suspended 80 Games

Ground Rule Triple

Dee Gordon

In an unforeseen announcement, Major League Baseball announced last night that Miami Marlins’ second baseman Dee Gordon tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and will be suspended 80 games for a first-time offense.

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Is Justin Turner Playing Hurt?

With the first month of the season nearly behind us, I think we need consider that something might be wrong with Dodger third baseman, Justin Turner. In the early-going, we could go with “he’s just slumping” out of the gates; but now, 22 games in, you begin to realize you can’t keep making excuses for him. Something is not right with J.T.

To date, Turner’s slash line is way down (Now: .250/.333/.338 vs Last Season: 294/.370/.491). In 68 ABs he has not yet hit a home run, and he only has 5 RBIs. He’s also already made 2 errors at third base in only 20 games; last year, he made 9 total miscues there in 100 games.

So what’s up with J.T.? The Dodgers aren’t publicly saying anything about Turner’s health, but you can see he doesn’t look like himself at the plate or on the field…



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