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MLB Network’s Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now


photo courtesy of @MLBNetwork on twitter

it’s that time again, baseball fans! time to rank the best of the best in Major League Baseball by position. MLB Network began airing their annual Top 10 lists last Sunday, which was oddly changed from Thursdays in past years, i might add. and tonight, on January 22 at 10 pm ET, their “Top 10 Right Now: Left Fielders” show premiered.

Brian Kenny, who was joined by Eric Byrnes, hosted the reveal of this year’s Top 10 Left Field players currently in baseball going into the 2017 season as ranked by MLB Network’s Shredder. an analytic methodology known as The Shredder, which operates without emotion or bias, assembles these rankings based on a player’s recent performance and projected performance for the coming season.

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Michael Brantley Confirmed for Tribe Fest 2017


photo courtesy of @Indians on twitter

Happy 2017, Brantley fans! i am back with some exciting news for you all! today, on January 13, the Indians posted that Michael Brantley has confirmed to attend the 5th annual Tribe Fest, presented by KeyBank.

like last year, Tribe Fest will not be held at Progressive Field due to ongoing construction on the service level. instead, the one-day event will be on Saturday, January 28, at the InterContinental Hotel.

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Michael Brantley News & Updates from November & December 2016


photo courtesy of @Indians on twitter

Happy New Year’s Eve, Brantley fans! since the conclusion of the World Series, there really hasn’t been a whole lot of notable information on the update front other than the plan for Michael’s upcoming hitting progression being unveiled during the Winter Meetings. the rumor mill, however, was abuzz with unfounded gossip around the Christmas holiday. so before the clock strikes midnight and we start the new year, i present you with this last bit of news about Michael in 2016 from both November and December.

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Tribe Needs: Looking Ahead to 2017


photo courtesy of Chuck Crow via The Plain Dealer

in 2016, the Cleveland Indians were one win away from achieving their ultimate goal of becoming World Series Champions. now i’m going to look ahead and determine what they have to do–specifically, what moves they need to make–in order to claim the title next year.

the good news is they don’t require a complete overhaul. in fact, they’re luckier than most teams because the Indians are going to retain the majority of their 2016 roster, including all of their core players. not only that, but the players who were injured in October/November will also be starting the upcoming season at full health. (knock on wood.) so if they can just add a few more pieces, then the Indians should be primed and ready for another run towards a championship. in the meantime, i’m taking on the role of the front office.

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Cleveland Indians’ Francisco Lindor & Terry Francona Named Award Winners


photo courtesy of @Lindor12BC on twitter

with the 2016 baseball season now in the rearview mirror, it is time to hand out awards to the league’s best. this year, several Cleveland Indians were nominated for hardware. Francisco Lindor was a finalist for a Gold Glove Award, Tyler Naquin was a finalist for AL Rookie of the Year, Terry Francona was a finalist for AL Manager of the Year, and Corey Kluber was a finalist for the AL Cy Young Award.

only Lindor and Francona won their respective awards. Naquin finished 3rd for ROY behind Detroit’s Michael Fulmer and New York’s Gary Sanchez, while Kluber finished 3rd for the Cy Young behind Boston’s Rick Porcello and Detroit’s Justin Verlander.

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Francisco Lindor Wins Rawlings’ 2016 AL SS Gold Glove Award & Platinum Glove Award!

Terry Francona Wins BBWAA’s 2016 AL Manager of the Year Award!

Analyzing the Cleveland Indians’ 2016 Season + Postseason


what a season the 2016 Cleveland Indians had! and, for the first time in 19 years, what a postseason they had, too! whether you’re currently feeling immense pride or still nursing a broken heart over the outcome, it’s time to pick up the pieces and take a trip down memory lane.

this blog recounts some of the particulars that happened on the Tribe’s journey from their postponed Game 1 Home Opener back on April 4, all the way to the last out in the 10th inning of Game 7 in the World Series on November 2. more importantly, it contains my analysis of every player who spent time with the Indians this year.

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Wrapping Up Michael Brantley’s 2016 Season & Why He Won’t Be a DH/1B Next Year


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Michael Brantley’s 2016 Postseason October/November (w/ Rehab Updates & Indians Recap)

despite Michael not appearing in any postseason games or series, i of course still had to write this blog. the format of it follows my more recent Brantley monthly blogs, where he didn’t play at all and i provided a recap of the Tribe’s performance for extra content.

there are four sections in this blog. the first covers the overall postseason for Michael and the Indians. the second focuses solely on the ALDS, the third is all about the ALCS, and the fourth discusses the World Series as well as some rehab updates! each section contains subsections that include an overview, Michael news and pictures, and/or win celebrations.

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Wrapping Up Michael Brantley’s 2016 Season & Why He Won’t Be a DH/1B Next Year

from Michael Brantley’s perspective, i cannot say i’m sorry to see the 2016 baseball season go. for him, it was unlike any other and certainly will not be mentioned in the “best of” seasons of his career. we basically got a taste of what Indians baseball will be like without Dr. Smooth in the (hopefully far off) future. except, in an unexpected twist, the team did not seem in desperate need of its best player this year; not until the end, that is.

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My Thoughts on the Cleveland Indians’ Loss to the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 World Series


shortly before 1 am on November 3, 2016, the Cleveland Indians lost Game 7 to the Chicago Cubs in 10 innings and therefore lost the World Series. this came after the Tribe was up, 3-1, in the series. alas, they could not manage to win one game out of the last three, or even one of their final two games at home. and i’m stunned.

i had such a sweet, heartfelt blog draft started for if the Indians won the World Series, and i’m really sad that it’s never going to see the light of day. so instead, i have written a blog with my thoughts on their losing the 2016 World Series, something i honestly did not consider a possibility.

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Michael Brantley’s Final 2016 #s & Statistics


photo courtesy of Dan Mendlik

the Cleveland Indians might be playing now in the playoffs, but Michael Brantley is a spectator along with the rest of us. so before i can write my Indians season wrap up blog, i wrote a series of wrap ups about Michael’s year. i split his final 2016 #s into three separate blog posts so that i didn’t overwhelm everyone with several different numbers and stats all in one blog. despite him only playing in 11 games this year, there was still a decent amount of information for me to report, so feel free to browse through what you like.

Michael Brantley’s 2016 Game-by-Game Numbers & Notes

now it’s time to start posting my series of Michael Brantley wrap up blogs. the primary focus of this first blog is Michael’s game-by-game numbers and notes, but let me tell ya, there are more notes than numbers.

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Michael Brantley’s 2016 Batting Order Position & LF/PH #s

this blog is the second in what i’m referring to as my Brantley wrap up series. even though he only played in 11 games, he did bat in three spots in the order; therefore, i have stuff to break down.

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Michael Brantley’s 2016 Situational #s & Statistics

the third installment of my Brantley wrap up blog series contains Michael’s 2016 situational #s and other statistics. this includes everything from his batting average against RHP and LHP, at home and away, with RISP, with runners on base, with bases loaded, and with bases empty.

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Michael Brantley’s September/October 2016 & Second Half 2016

Michael Brantley’s September/October 2016

because Michael did not play in any September/October games, most of the typical sections are either devoid of stats or have been excluded. there was also a serious lack of information in regards to post-surgery updates, and the majority of what i wrote about that came from my own personal observations. otherwise, there just wasn’t a whole lot going on in terms of Michael news.

in the end though, i did manage to create FOUR new blog sections that i think will be of interest to you guys. those include: Is Michael Brantley the Next Grady Sizemore, Is Jose Ramirez the Next Michael Brantley, Michael’s “Safe” Division Clinch Celebration, and the rumored Michael Could Miss Significant Time in 2017 story. so read on!

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Michael Brantley’s Second Half 2016

for the first time in Michael Brantley’s Major League career, he missed out on the entire second half of the year. he was on the disabled list when baseball resumed after the All Star Break and remained there until his season-ending surgery in August ensured that he would not be playing again in 2016. consequently, this was a bit of a challenge for me because i’ve never had to write a second half blog where Michael literally had no statistics before. that said, i did still write it and filled in whatever sections i could.

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