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Mets Top Prospects of 2017

The New York Mets finished the 2016 season with a record of 87-75, good for second place in the NL East Division. In addition, they earned the first wild-card position but ran into the brick wall that is Madison Bumgarner, despite an outstanding pitching performance from second-year starter Noah Syndergaard. While this year was a downgrade from last year’s division title and World Series appearance, the Mets do deserve credit, considering three of their five starters ended up on the disabled list, and they had to utilize parts from their AAA team to stay competitive.

Since Sandy Alderson has taken the reigns as Mets general manager, the culture of the Mets has dramatically changed. In Alderson’s initial years with the organization, the team was hampered by financial constraints that stemmed from the Madoff Ponzi scandal and subsequent court-ordered repayments in the settlement. This scandal forced Alderson to place more emphasis on building rather than buying, which led to a repopulation of the farm system by selling off once-prized assets.

Mets Top Prospects


2017 All-Money Team: The Highest-Paid MLB Players at Each Position

While it may not feel like spring is on the way in certain parts of the country, it’s closer than you think. Why? Well, the start of Spring Training is less than three weeks away, and we all know that the mere sight of players on a baseball field gives people the warm and fuzzies — no matter what the thermometer says.

Another year of MLB action means there will be lots of money earned by the league’s best players. But who gets the honor of being the top earner at their position this season? That was a question we wanted to answer with the 2017 All-Money team.

Thanks to Spotrac, it was easy to check out the payroll salaries at each position to see who is bringing home the most bacon over the next few months. Here’s a squad that would be pretty darn good overall, but just a tad bit expensive.


Tigers Will Not Pay Luxury Tax in 2018

Ground Rule Triple


The Tigers may have not had the big sell-off that people were predicting after Al Avila’s comments after the regular season, only trading away Cameron Maybin and his $9 million salary. However, don’t expect the Tigers to stand pat in the 2017-18 offseason or even the 2017 Trade Deadline if the record suggests the Tigers are not going to be able to make a run. 

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