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Twitter List For Major Leaguers & More…

twitter-mlbEver want a comprehensive list for Major Leaguers, former players, minor leagues, media sites, teams, etc?  Well, here you go.  It will be something I continue to update, but to start, I’ve listed close to 900 different Twitter handles for you to peruse.  Enjoy!!

See list at Sons of ’84

MLB’s Best Hitters in Each Inning During the 2016 Season

According to Earl Wilson, the game of baseball is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. Regardless of the team you root for, just about every fan can relate to that in some way.

While it takes a full nine innings – or, nine nervous breakdowns – for a game to be complete without suboptimal weather sabotaging it, there are countless moments within each inning that can alter the eventual outcome, whether it’s in the top of the first or bottom of the ninth.

With that in mind, I was interested in finding out which hitters mashed the most in each inning throughout the course of 2016. Thanks to FanGraphs’ Splits Leaderboard, it was pretty easy to do.

Using the very arbitrary benchmark of 80-plus plate appearances for the first through sixth innings, 50-plus plate appearances for the seventh through ninth innings and 20-plus plate appearances for extras, below are the top three hitters from every inning in 2016, based off wRC+.


Milwaukee Brewers Research Interview – Bob Humphreys

Pitcher Bob Humphreys‘ input was extremely important as I started doing research for my Milwaukee Brewers historical book, so I decided to create a full-length profile for him.

Humphreys was born in Covington, Virginia on August 18, 1935.  He loved baseball and basketball, playing both sports in high school and Hampden-Sydney College.  He lettered in both sports in college, but decided to pursue baseball as a career.



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