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HOT STOVE: January

Tigers Social Media Rundown: JV, Kate, Ian, JD, and…DJ Miggy

Ever wonder what professional ball players do in the off season?  Well, with social media we get a bit close of a look at that answer.  A few Tigers have been active on Instagram over the last couple of weeks, so lets take a look at some highlights…

We first start with my favorite on social media these days, Justin Verlander

JV getting his karaoke on and from the looks of it taking it pretty seriously

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It Shouldn’t Be Surprising That J.D. Martinez Is Still on the Detroit Tigers

Talking a big game and actually backing it up with action are two very different things. Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila has certainly learned that lesson throughout this offseason.

Almost immediately following the conclusion of Detroit’s regular season schedule, Avila was clear that “changes are coming” in the way the organization conducts its business. Also, since they have been working “way above” their financial means for a while, the goal was to start getting younger.

Obviously, that meant being open to potential trades for just about anybody to clear some payroll. The selling started by shipping Cameron Maybin to the Los Angeles Angels, and then… things halted.

Detroit’s biggest stars – Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlandersaw their names briefly pop up in the rumor mill, but they died down quickly. One available player who seemed all but traded was J.D. Martinez, and it wasn’t hard to see why.

But here were are, with the holidays over and 2017 officially upon us, and he’s still a member of the Tigers. It doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon, either.


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