The Nats Pay A Steep Price For Eaton: The New CF Has A Team Friendly 5 Year Deal Which Is The Key To Salvage The Trade

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For a second straight week we love the Nationals with the best odd value of the week.  They have some financial flexibility to bring in a few more ALL - Star Caliber players and also possess the prospects in order to get it done.  If you believe (like I do) Mike Rizzo is getting scorched for the fact he gave up the #3 and #38 top MLB Pipeline Prospects.  Throw in their #6 prospect – and you can see how people have said the Nats GM orchestrated a bad deal.  I am not one of those people.  This was a move that is more financial based than even the young players.  If Washington is still able to get a top line Closer, and add several more pieces, while dancing around the Luxury Tax Threshold of $195 MIL – I am down with this trade if they re-spend the cash on another Starter that is MLB ready this season.

For the majority of the last week we heard the Nationals were trying to land Andrew McCutchen in a trade, but they shocked the world on Wednesday by acquiring CF Adam Eaton from the White Sox in exchange for three RHP (

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