Daily Archives: November 11, 2016

Veterans Day

By Josh:

Veterans Day is a day that deserves more recognition then it really gets. The men and women of this country who have been a part of our nations military and have defended our freedoms deserve far more honoring then they get, but the amazing thing about them is that they don’t seek to be honored. They serve because they see a need and desire to protect our freedoms and rights for generations to come.

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Hot Stove Free Agent Predictions Part 1

By: Kelly

The Hot Stove season is upon us once again. This year’s free agent class is very weak compared to the last couple years, especially starting pitchers. Lots of offense is available and some top notch closers will make some record money but if your team is looking for starting pitchers they will have to look to the trade market, which I believe will be very active this offseason.

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