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Was the Kraken Released too Late?


The kid showed promise and power in the minors. But six games into his big league career, NY Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez was hitting a desultory .217/.250/.348., with no home runs. Hey, hitting a baseball is hard; even for the most talented young players, it takes time to figure things out.

In this case, seven games.

Sanchez began his sustained assault on American League pitching on August 10, and by season’s end had reached a number of home run milestones earlier than any player in MLB history. Despite playing only a third of his team’s games, Sanchez claimed a share of the AL rookie home run lead (with Texas’ Nomar Mazar), revived a moribund Yankees season, and staked a claim to ROY honors.

Sanchez, of course, must contend with Detroit’s Michael Fulmer, who distinguished himself with a fine 4.9 pWAR (eighth in the league, despite starting only 26 games) and 135 OPS+ over 159 innings. (Read the Complete Article at Plate Coverage.)

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