For the Mets, There is Only Next Year…Again

Noah Syndergaard NY Mets

Noah Syndergaard pitched a gem last night. There is nothing more any Mets fan could have asked for. Bumgarner was able to keep his pitch count low, and that was the only difference. He only needed 21 pitches to get through the first three innings – simply remarkable. Though it’s easy to sit there and give Bumgarner all the credit in the world for finishing off the game, Syndergaard was pretty damn great himself.

Another season has come and gone, and even though the Mets were playing with house money, the pain of losing two years in a row still exists. Numerous injuries plagued the clubhouse in 2016, so being able to take the top Wild Card spot in the National League was a miracle in itself. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t ease the pain of another season ending on a low note.

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About Freddy Vasquez

I saw my first game back in 1987 against the Montreal Expos. I can recall walking up those concrete ramps to the "Uppers" with my family at Shea. The banter of New Yorkers talking about their lives. The smell of hot dogs as the vendors passed by. The darkness of a 7:10 game right before you enter the short tunnel welcoming one of the most magnificent sights you will ever see as a young boy - the green grass of a major league baseball field.

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