Expanding MLB with an All-Rookie Team

A simple axiom bears repeating in our current world of baseball analysis so emphasizing value: Good players make a good team. Good young players make a good team that’s likely to be good (and cheap) for a while. That’s why team’s covet prospects like they do.

In real life, teams look for a balance of both good, young, team controlled players, and older productive veterans. The best teams have a solid mixture of both; just look at the Dodgers. LA’s middle infield is made up of odds-on rookie of the year favorite Corey Seager and 37 year old Chase Utley.

But what if you had a team of just good young players? In fact, what if those players were so young that they had never played in Major League Baseball before? What would happen if you took all the best rookies from the 2016 season and put them on a team together to make an All-Rookie Team similar to All Star Teams?

How would that team stack up to other big league teams? Let’s find out.

First, we need to assemble our top notch collection of rookies. Let’s make a lineup.

Here are the rookies with the highest bWAR by position in 2016:

To continue reading about the best MLB rookies in 2016, please visit the mostly baseball blog Off The Bench.

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