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For the Mets, There is Only Next Year…Again

Noah Syndergaard NY Mets

Noah Syndergaard pitched a gem last night. There is nothing more any Mets fan could have asked for. Bumgarner was able to keep his pitch count low, and that was the only difference. He only needed 21 pitches to get through the first three innings – simply remarkable. Though it’s easy to sit there and give Bumgarner all the credit in the world for finishing off the game, Syndergaard was pretty damn great himself.

Another season has come and gone, and even though the Mets were playing with house money, the pain of losing two years in a row still exists. Numerous injuries plagued the clubhouse in 2016, so being able to take the top Wild Card spot in the National League was a miracle in itself. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t ease the pain of another season ending on a low note.

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Future of ELB may not be as gloomy as it looks like, part 2

The Official Site of Euro League Baseball

About two months ago you could read here that the future of the Euro League Baseball does not look as bad as you might think. Today the league confirmed this in a press release.

In the press release, ELB president Wim van den Hurk stated that the league will continue in 2017. Finally the Dutch Baseball Federation agrees on combination teams and individual teams to participate. The French federation and Czech federation are committed to send combination teams. The intention is to play the 2017 season with 6-8 teams: Munich-Haar Disciples, Regensburg Legionaere, Draci Brno, Amsterdam Baseball, team Prague and a team France. There are still talks ongoing with Rotterdam (with Neptunus as a back bone) and some Italian teams.


Expanding MLB with an All-Rookie Team

A simple axiom bears repeating in our current world of baseball analysis so emphasizing value: Good players make a good team. Good young players make a good team that’s likely to be good (and cheap) for a while. That’s why team’s covet prospects like they do.

In real life, teams look for a balance of both good, young, team controlled players, and older productive veterans. The best teams have a solid mixture of both; just look at the Dodgers. LA’s middle infield is made up of odds-on rookie of the year favorite Corey Seager and 37 year old Chase Utley.

But what if you had a team of just good young players? In fact, what if those players were so young that they had never played in Major League Baseball before? What would happen if you took all the best rookies from the 2016 season and put them on a team together to make an All-Rookie Team similar to All Star Teams?

How would that team stack up to other big league teams? Let’s find out.

First, we need to assemble our top notch collection of rookies. Let’s make a lineup.

Here are the rookies with the highest bWAR by position in 2016:

To continue reading about the best MLB rookies in 2016, please visit the mostly baseball blog Off The Bench.

NLDS/ALDS Predictions

With the two Wild Card games done we keep the postseason moving with the Division Series. Dodgers vs Nationals, Cubs vs Giants, Rangers vs Blue Jays and Red Sox vs Indians.

Check out Kelly’s thoughts on each of the four division series and his picks for the winners in NLDS/ALDS Predictions via 9 Inning Know It All.

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