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Dave Dombrowski’s Offseason Splashes will Make or Break October for Boston Red Sox

On the heels of finishing in the American League East basement three times in four years, the Boston Red Sox made a big change last summer by hiring Dave Dombrowski. He arrived with a certain reputation and has lived up to it thus far.

The biggest thing on his 2016 to-do list was getting the Red Sox back into the postseason before designated hitter David Ortiz rode off into the sunset. He officially crossed that off his list about a week ago, but it’s really just the beginning.

In October once again – and mostly with players from the last front office regime – two of Dombrowski’s biggest offseason moves from last winter will be crucial pieces to the team’s success or demise.

Boston’s greatest need following a disappointing 2015 was obvious: pitching. They needed an ace at the front of the rotation and shutdown relievers at the back of the bullpen. In typical Dombrowski fashion, he made big splashes to fill those needs by trading four prospects for Craig Kimbrel and throwing a bunch of money at David Price.

Risky moves? Yes. Moves the Red Sox hadn’t made in recent years? Yes. But with a win-now mentality, they had to be made. Every acquisition comes with risk, but Kimbrel and Price were as close to slam-dunks as it could possibly be with regard to production.

Throughout their respective careers, each hurler has been a consistent force when toeing the rubber. That’s why 2016 has been frustrating for fans.


AL Wild Card Aftermath

By Josh:

So in case you don’t have cable TV and couldn’t watch the game, or refused to check Twitter, Facebook, ESPN or any other potential place for people to rant about sports, the Blue Jays won and questionable coaching by Buck Showalter may have helped. Also a stupid Toronto fan threw a beer bottle at an Orioles player.

Blue Jays fans don’t have the best reputation in baseball and it is unfortunate that one fan can make an entire fan base look bad but that is what will happen. It isn’t the first time fans in Toronto have thrown things onto the field and right or wrong that fan base has earned its reputation as one of the worst in terms of respecting the field and the players on the field.

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