Michael Brantley’s September/October 2016 & Second Half 2016

Michael Brantley’s September/October 2016

because Michael did not play in any September/October games, most of the typical sections are either devoid of stats or have been excluded. there was also a serious lack of information in regards to post-surgery updates, and the majority of what i wrote about that came from my own personal observations. otherwise, there just wasn’t a whole lot going on in terms of Michael news.

in the end though, i did manage to create FOUR new blog sections that i think will be of interest to you guys. those include: Is Michael Brantley the Next Grady Sizemore, Is Jose Ramirez the Next Michael Brantley, Michael’s “Safe” Division Clinch Celebration, and the rumored Michael Could Miss Significant Time in 2017 story. so read on!

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Michael Brantley’s Second Half 2016

for the first time in Michael Brantley’s Major League career, he missed out on the entire second half of the year. he was on the disabled list when baseball resumed after the All Star Break and remained there until his season-ending surgery in August ensured that he would not be playing again in 2016. consequently, this was a bit of a challenge for me because i’ve never had to write a second half blog where Michael literally had no statistics before. that said, i did still write it and filled in whatever sections i could.

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