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These 5 Young MLB Players Took a Huge Step Back in 2016

MLB players enter a new year with the best intentions, but this is baseball, and things don’t always go exactly as planned. In fact, they almost never do.

To have a successful regular season and a shot at clinching a playoff berth, managers need production from every corner of their respective rosters. It also helps to get unexpected sources of production, as we touched upon a couple weeks ago.

The following five players have recently shown potential to be a significant contributor at the big-league level. Each of them were expected to be an important piece in 2016, but that didn’t happen. Now, they’ll be looking ahead to 2017 for another opportunity to solidify themselves in the big leagues.


Summer League Teams Need to Impact Communities All Year

By Josh:

This is not an easy article for me to write. It isn’t that he subject is hard but just having the right words to write down is difficult. Baseball organizations at the college, summer leagues, minor leagues and major league level all have responsibilities. The obvious responsibility is to put a competitive team on the field.  However, a responsibility that is just as important, if not more so, is to give back and to impact the community.

Recently I got to sit down and talk with a leader from one of the local baseball organizations and what he shared with me was amazing to hear, and goes right along with this. He said that this season they had gotten so focused on putting on the games that they had missed a chance to impact the community as much as they desired to do. He made it clear that their goal was to change that this upcoming season and offseason.  They wanted to have a greater impact in the community along with striving to put a winning team on the field.

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