Nolan Arenado Having Another Great Year, But Doing it in a Slightly Different Way

Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado is one of baseball’s best all-around players. Despite that, he doesn’t get nearly as much airtime as some other superstars.

Why is that? Well, Denver isn’t exactly a huge media market when compared to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Playing for a team that can’t get over .500 doesn’t help, either (Mike Trout has been able to buck that trend a little bit, but he’s a special case).

Arenado’s fielding ability has always been there – he’s won a Gold Glove each year since debuting for Colorado in 2013 – and he’s had a good bat, but he went into another stratosphere during the 2015 season. As a 24-year-old, he slashed .287/.323/.575 while leading the National League in both home runs (42) and RBI (130) over 616 at-bats.

With about a month left in 2016, his numbers are sitting just about where they were a year ago. Through 506 at-bats, he’s slashing a healthy .294/.365/.583 while leading the National League in homers (36) and RBI (115).

More or less, 2016 looks a heck of a lot like 2015 did. He went to the All-Star game for the second consecutive year; he’ll also be in the running for another Gold Glove as well as a Silver Slugger. What’s interesting is digging a little deeper into his numbers and seeing that he arrived at very similar results in a slightly different way.


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