Michael Brantley Undergoes Biceps Tenodesis, But What Is That?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Cleveland Indians

8/13/16, photo courtesy of David Maxwell via Getty Images

Brantley Undergoes Biceps Tenodesis, Recovery Will Take 4 Months

Michael Brantley was scheduled to have season-ending shoulder surgery yesterday on August 15 in Dallas, Texas in the hopes of relieving his chronic right biceps tenditinis. today, on August 16, some information about the surgery was announced. according to the Indians Press Release, Michael underwent a 45-minute procedure called biceps tenodesis to address the biceps tendinitis in his right shoulder. Dr. Keith Meister and Dr. Mark Shickendantz both performed the operation. while doing so, they confirmed that Michael’s labrum repair was intact and the remainder of the shoulder joint looked good. he is expected to make a full recovery in four months.

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What Is Biceps Tenodesis?

what exactly is the biceps tenodesis procedure that Michael had done to his right shoulder on August 15 in Dallas, Texas by Dr. Keith Meister and Dr. Mark Shickendantz? i’m sure most of his fans want to know, none more than i. while Indians’ head athletic trainer James Quinlan shared in Jordan Bastian‘s article on indians.com that it consisted of cutting the biceps tendon and anchoring it to a different part of the shoulder, i wanted more details.

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