Foul Ball Month in Review: July Part II, More Umpires Out and a New Ballpark Delicacy is Invented

The second half of July brought more bumps, bruises, happy fans, destroyed umpires and even a new delicacy.


I don’t recall ever hearing about a new ballpark delicacy being born as a direct result of a foul ball. But one was born on July 15, 2016: The Nacho Ball. It occurred during the Padres-Giants game. Check out what happens when Padres third baseman Yangervis Solarte goes for a foul ball:

Take that Prince Fielder.


Kids reactions to foul balls and toss-ups are always fun to watch. They always congratulate one another, celebrating. Rarely do we see kids get angry and upset. That’s a 180 degree difference from the typical “Adult” response. Check out these awesome kids at the Nationals game from whom we could learn a thing or two about kindness:

This young lady had a ball handed to her by the ballgirl. She’s beaming ear to ear as anyone would. But wait for it…she’s nearly tackled by other kids. NOT so they could steal it though. Wait for it…



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