Foul Ball Month in Review: July Part I Includes Tricky Plays and a Nervous Dad

We all would love to snag a foul ball. It’s one of the reasons we love the game of baseball so much. With an historical average of 46 fouls hit and about 25 or so entering the seats each game, there’s plenty of opportunity to get close to one if not to actually grab one. The foul ball is greatly underappreciated though. There are more exciting plays on and off the field invovling foul balls than any other batted ball. That fact stated, let’s revisit some of the best foul ball reltated fun and scorn from the first half of July.


It was to be one of the happiest days in his life for Tyler Glasnow. He made his Major League debut in early July against the Cardinals. But a foul ball made it somewhat comical. His dad, shortly after being interviewed about his son as Glasnow was at the plate, flubbed a foul ball snag. The cameras caught it all:


I’ve been doing this foul ball thing for four seasons now. One thing is certain, fans will use anything they can to try to catch a foul ball. There are numerous accounts of cups and popcorn buckets being used. Hats are also popular, but in early July there was a new one. It happened at a Giants-Diamondbacks game. A woman used her food tray to try to field a foul ball. It was an epic fail:


Ed Comber (VP Of The BBBA/Owner –  

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