Michael Brantley’s July 2016 (w/ Rehab Game Details) & Cumulative 2016 #s


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Michael Brantley’s July 2016 (w/ Rehab Game Details)

hello all! this blog is going to be a lot like the June blog in that many sections are bare or have been omitted because Michael did not play in any July games. most of what you’re about to read is simply DL updates and rehab game performances. boy i can’t wait until Michael rejoins the Tribe so things can get back to normal ’round here.

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Michael Brantley’s 2016 #s Through July

Michael Brantley has not added to his overall season numbers since May 9, but that very well could [finally!] change in August. until then, we’ve got another “#s Through” blog that’s vastly similar to the last one i posted a month ago. for your convenience, i have denoted sections that weren’t modified in any way with (unchanged) next to them. otherwise, everything else contains new information and was updated accordingly.

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