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Foul Ball Month in Review (June): Layne, Eckersley, Scully All Have Balls

Foul Ball DiagramThere’s been a great deal of foul ball action this season. Batters are getting hit, catcher and umps are being knocked out of games. Fielders aren’t better off by much. This foul ball month in review covers the fun and excitement from the second half of June.

And MLB and MiLB fans alike continue to not only make spectacular as well as many questionable snags, but they are getting injured as often as they were when there was no added netting: the average self-report on Twitter has one fan per day getting nailed by a foul in the head area.

Below, I’ve given you a peak into all the foul ball plays and flops during the second half of June.

Umpires and Announcers

June 27: Umpire Jerry Layne was leveled, floored, knocked out. It was in the 8th inning with one out in the Indians v. Braves game, the Braves batter Nick Markakis fouled a Tommy Hunter 92-mph fastball. The foul nailed Layne in the right side.

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