@SullyBaseball Steps Up Again With An Incredible Tribute Video To People From Baseball’s Family Who Passed In The Recent Year

By Chuck Booth (BBBA President)

For anyone that reads this article.  Paul Francis Sullivan (Sully, who does a daily podcast, and hasn’t missed one day since 10/24/12) has outdone his prior efforts to bring one of the best tribute videos (not just sports) to all of the people in baseball who we lost in the last year.  Sully has now done this 3 years running during ALL – Star Week.

No doubt there is countless hours and financial cost to produce one of these masterpieces.  This video is a must watch for anybody who is a fan of the game.  Please share this video as much as humanly possible to your networks, and take a second to remember those who are no longer with us anymore.

We will have this video on our homepage at mlbreports.com all year round until the next one comes out.

All we can say is thank you Mr. Sullivan for your fandom of the game.  This is the right thing to do, and should be seen by millions of people.


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