My Baseball Memories: More Than Peanuts and Popcorn

Copyright FoulBallzFor many, food is a big part of life.  We have favorite memories on holidays, and family recipes that are passed from year to year.   Certain beverages and special treats and their connection to baseball are no exception in my mind.  I think that unlike any other sport, the aura of baseball includes what we look forward to eating and drinking on game days, and helps form our memories of how baseball has affected our lives.

Granted, we all have our favorite Super Bowl meal, and we think of the comfort of hot chocolate and coffee at the cold high school football games, but baseball transcends the menu of delicacies that await us at the stadium.  The American tradition of peanuts and popcorn….hot dogs…and my list extends even beyond this normal game fare.

Take beer for example.  In the 1980s and ‘90s when we frequented the Reds games in Cincinnati, my husband and father-in-law had a running gag about the price of beer.  My father-in-law could barely swallow his $3.50 cold one during a game, so outraged by the price.  My husband, never one to avoid the chance to rub a sore wound, bought him a Reds t-shirt the next Christmas and had “Beer.  $5.00 a glass” printed on it.  We had a good laugh at the threat of inflation and baseball, until years later when we all realized the joke was on us after beer prices climbed to a whopping $7.00 in most stadiums!  Yet despite the price, we all agreed that a cold beer at a hot summer game day was worth a million!
And then there are the fans, with no mind of the cost, agreeing to go to baseball games only for the food. My daughter, Katie was dragged her first 10 years to game after game so her older brother could either watch his heroes or try to become one.  She would grimace when we told her we were headed to Riverfront, until we reminded her of the ice cones and other treats that awaited her.  She’d sit through extra innings, without a fuss, as long as she had money in her pocket to stop the next vendor.  We even had birthday parties for her at my son’s Knothole games.  Packing the car with cupcakes, knowing the late July tournament would take the whole day and evening with no chance of a birthday party in the backyard. She’d pass out her cupcakes and the fans would sing “Happy Birthday” to Katie in between games.

I also have a great memory of when my son, Nick, played middle and high school baseball.


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